The Role of AI in Business Processes: A Decade of Innovation

Many of us in the technology and business worlds have been thinking a lot more about artificial intelligence (AI) in the past year since OpenAI released ChatGPT, catapulting generative AI into the mainstream. But for Juergen Mueller, the chief technology officer of German enterprise software giant SAP — the third largest software company in the world by annual revenue, according to Investopedia — the journey towards enabling AI for business processes began nearly a decade ago, he told VentureBeat recently in an exclusive sit-down interview at SAP’s under-renovation slick Hudson Yard office space in New York City.

“Back then of course, it was machine learning, one model per use case,” Mueller said. “Pre-trained, and we did a lot of retraining. We worked in such a mode for quite a while. We have more than 130 use cases [of AI models] embedded in SAP software.”

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