The Evolution of AI Chatbots: A Year with ChatGPT

Until one year ago, there was no ChatGPT. No clean, simple interface to write a “prompt” — that is, a question, a request, an example, a snippet — and get a detailed response in seconds. No discussions with family, friends, and colleagues about “that new AI,” the one that kids are using to do homework, the one that “hallucinates,” the one making all the headlines, the one that is going to change the world/improve the world/destroy the world. No hype rocket sending the letters GPT — generative pre-trained transformer — into the stratosphere.

Now, as we prepare to mark the day that OpenAI launched ChatGPT, I’m taking a look back at 12 months that changed the world (for better or worse) — including the Game of Thrones-like drama at the company that marked the last couple of weeks — through the lens of VentureBeat’s coverage all year long.

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