AI Revolutionizing Customer Support at Xero

Global small business platform Xero is experiencing a positive change in customer support and learning site, Xero Central, thanks to the implementation of generative answers with the help of Coveo. Nigel Piper, executive general manager — customer, at Xero, explains that the average customer search time has decreased by approximately 40%, while search sessions requiring additional support have decreased by approximately 20%. This upgrade has been well-received by customers, as they are finding the answers they need more quickly and leaving more satisfied.

Empowering Users with Generative Answering

Xero Central’s generative answering feature, developed using Coveo’s Relevance Generative Answering platform, allows users to receive quick and accurate solutions to their queries. In addition, they can filter and sort the information, contact customer support for one-on-one assistance, or request a support case. This partnership between Xero and Coveo is not new; they have been working together for over five years, integrating predictive search and recommendation technology previously.

“For the generative AI project, we’ve worked very closely with Coveo to understand the possibilities of generative AI, and how we could safely and ethically capitalize on its potential. Gen AI gives our users a powerful experience, but it doesn’t replace human expertise, and it definitely doesn’t impact how we think about customer experience — it complements our goals.” – Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager – Customer, Xero

The Transformative Power of Data

Supporting customers requires access to a vast amount of data, and Xero has made this data easy to access and search through the implementation of generative AI. Customers can now retrieve information more efficiently due to the significantly increased depth and personalization offered by the platform. The search tool understands different pools of knowledge and can deliver relevant information based on user profiles, allowing for personalized results.

“That’s the incredible power of gen AI. People and organizations starting today probably don’t have to go to that length. As long as they know where the data sources are and reference them, the relevant information can all be brought together for the user in a natural language response, as well as that list of resources.” – Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager – Customer, Xero

Responsible Data Use and Data Security

While personalization is important for a satisfying customer experience, data security is equally vital. Xero emphasizes the principles of responsible data use and ensures that customer data is safeguarded. The platform also places importance on the accuracy and reliability of the answers provided, with data governance teams working behind the scenes to ensure the tool’s effectiveness. Continuous testing, expert evaluations, and feedback are essential in maintaining a high-quality customer support experience.

“We have a commitment around responsible data use, and we’re doing the work to make sure that we’re delivering the right answers for customers in a way that also protects private data. That’s what it’s always been about.” – Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager – Customer, Xero

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