Ask-AI Launches New Model Agnostic Enterprise AI Assistant

Customer support is an important area for enterprises to utilize AI solutions, but it must be implemented correctly to avoid negative outcomes, as seen with some Chevrolet car dealerships using OpenAI’s GPT. Ask-AI, however, is taking a different approach with the launch of ASK, a new model agnostic enterprise AI assistant. ASK is a Chrome extension designed to empower human customer support agents by providing them with real-time contextual data about the customers they’re interacting with, answers to common questions, and knowledge about their company’s offerings and solutions.

Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Alon Talmor, Ask-AI has recently raised $11 million in Series A funding. Talmor stated, “We believe there’s going to be a big market for sidekicks and co-pilots at the intersection of what you are doing right now and with company data and AI.” The ASK sidekick works as a Chrome browser extension that appears as a sidebar, automatically opening relevant apps and information based on the user’s current task. It aims to not only make tasks faster but also improve their quality.

Enhancing Customer Support

ASK provides customer service and support personnel with a “360 view” of customers by displaying all relevant past interactions and highlights about them. This includes information like upcoming renewals and churn risks. ASK can also perform actions using generative AI, such as drafting emails or customer chat responses. The key distinction is that the ASK AI sidekick does not operate independently – it is up to the human customer support agent to accept or use the information provided.

Talmor emphasized Ask-AI’s commitment to accuracy and security, differentiating it from other customer support chatbot rivals. Ask-AI performs real pre-processing and summarizing of customer company data, including understanding unique internal company jargon. It also supports various AI models, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3.5/4, Google Gemini, and Meta’s open-source Llama.

Integration and Efficiency

One of the advantages of Ask-AI’s offerings is its ability to connect to over 50 popular enterprise applications, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Confluence, and Slack. This means customers can continue using the software they rely on while benefiting from Ask-AI’s sidekick and dashboard, which extend and enhance the data already generated by these applications.

The MosAIc dashboard provides a visual representation of recurring issues and problems, both in customer tickets and internal communication channels like Slack. With this information, Ask-AI aims to improve efficiency across departments, from customer support to sales, by providing real-time insights and solutions.

Ask-AI’s diverse clientele, which includes companies like, Callrail, and Yotpo, has already achieved tangible results with the solution, such as a 20% reduction in time-to-resolution for support tickets. With its new funding, Ask-AI plans to double in size and continue integrating generative AI into enterprise workflows.

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