OpenAI Announces Startup Fund and Funding Opportunity

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is offering a unique opportunity for aspiring startup founders to receive a $1 million funding boost and exclusive resources from its Startup Fund. This program, called “Converge 2,” is the second iteration of its kind.

Apply for Funding and Support

OpenAI is inviting prospective AI founders from around the world to apply for funding with minimal information about themselves and their ideas. Even individuals with no prior AI experience or who don’t use OpenAI products can apply. The selected startups will receive not only funding but also coaching and expertise to guide the growth of their companies.

Program Details

The program will run for six weeks, requiring a maximum commitment of six hours per week. It begins on March 11 and ends on April 19, 2024. Although the majority of the program can be completed remotely, the first and last weeks will be structured as in-person events held in San Francisco, with travel expenses covered by OpenAI.

Throughout the six weeks, participants will have access to tech talks, office hours, and social events. They will also have the opportunity to engage with prominent AI practitioners and startup founders, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in AI development.

What sets this program apart is that prior AI experience is not required. OpenAI aims to promote diversity in the AI field and encourages applications from underrepresented backgrounds and individuals based outside the United States.

Application Process

“Even if you haven’t written a line of code or raised a single dollar and your idea is still largely in your head, OpenAI wants to hear from you.”

– OpenAI

To apply, visit OpenAI’s website and provide your name, a one-line description of your company, links to your social profiles, and a 30-second video pitching your idea. Importantly, using OpenAI’s APIs is not mandatory for the program. OpenAI welcomes any AI innovators regardless of the frameworks they use.

The application window is open from now until January 26, 2024. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to receive funding and support for your AI startup.

Source: OpenAI Blog

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