Advancements in Tire Intelligence Revolutionize the Driving Experience

Tire Intelligence: The Future of Mobility

Goodyear, in collaboration with tech-focused partners, has introduced tire intelligence to its products, revolutionizing the driving experience. With the integration of real-time monitoring and advanced algorithms, Goodyear SightLine provides comprehensive insights into tire, vehicle, and road conditions. This transformative leap in transportation ushers in an era of intelligent and sustainable mobility.

“Tires are the sole vehicle component in contact with the road… By digitalizing this connection and equipping vehicle control actuators with critical insights, we can optimize vehicle performance and safety.” – Chris Helsel, Senior VP of Global Operations and CTO at Goodyear

Through tire intelligence, Goodyear can gather data on tire wear and predict the tire’s lifespan and performance in emergency situations. By treating tires as software-defined components, Goodyear aims to optimize their functionality, ensuring a safer and more efficient driving experience.

Goodyear has partnered with companies like ZF, TNO, TDK, and Gatik to develop and implement these tire intelligence technologies. By leveraging tire knowledge and integrating tire information into anti-lock brake systems (ABS), Goodyear and its partners have successfully reduced braking distance, contributing to enhanced road safety.

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