Atropos Health Partners with Google Cloud to Optimize Healthcare Data Tools

Atropos Health Partners with Google Cloud to Optimize Healthcare Data Tools

Atropos Health, a healthcare startup based in Palo Alto, California, has announced a new partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration will allow Atropos to enhance its Generative Evidence Acceleration Operating System (GENEVA OS) by integrating it with Google Cloud’s healthcare data tools.

Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and co-founder of Atropos Health, spoke about the partnership, stating, “Google Cloud’s real-time capabilities align perfectly with our delivery model to the clinicians and researchers who rely on the Atropos Evidence Network.” He further mentioned that Atropos will have access to over 160 million patients’ de-identified medical data, hosted in Google Cloud, enabling seamless integration with the Atropos Evidence Network.

The partnership with Google Cloud allows health systems and pharmaceutical companies to gain insights from their data almost instantly. While it typically takes months for other healthcare AI solutions to produce actionable insights, Atropos claims that its new generative AI application called ChatRWD can provide answers in minutes using natural language queries.

Dr. Hyde explained, “ChatRWD represents an evolutionary jump in the speed by which evidence can be generated coupled with a seamless user experience.” He highlighted that ChatRWD includes a chat interface, allowing users to directly move from questions to real-world evidence studies using deidentified patient data.

This collaboration between Atropos Health and Google Cloud exemplifies the growing trend of healthcare organizations partnering with big tech companies to unlock value from their vast patient data. Addressing concerns about data privacy and security, Atropos emphasizes that they have implemented strict measures to protect customer data within Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure.

The integration of Atropos Health’s technology with Google Cloud’s healthcare data tools offers numerous benefits for health systems, including optimizing formularies, reducing the length of stay, accelerating research, and enabling evidence-based shared decision-making for patients.

Raising the Bar in Medicine with AI and Cloud

Atropos Health’s collaboration with Google Cloud aligns with its mission to close evidence gaps in medicine worldwide. The partnership follows Atropos Health’s recent strategic financing, where they raised an undisclosed amount from organizations such as Presidio Ventures and Samsung Next.

Dr. Hyde expressed his excitement about the company’s impact on patient care, saying, “The best part about working in this company is every single day; there’s a new question that comes in, which is going to have a massive impact on a patient. It’s so exciting, and this announcement is another step towards increasing that impact on medicine.”

As artificial intelligence continues to disrupt the $4 trillion healthcare sector, Atropos Health’s innovative solutions demonstrate how AI and cloud technologies can make evidence-based care more accessible. The speed and accuracy provided by these technologies have the potential to greatly improve clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.

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