Dynatrace Expands into Artificial Intelligence Space

Dynatrace, a Massachusetts-based company known for its technology to monitor and optimize application performance, has announced its expansion into the artificial intelligence (AI) space. At its annual Perform conference, Dynatrace unveiled its plans to enhance its core analytics platform with new capabilities for tracking large AI models and applications powered by them. The new offering, called Dynatrace AI Observability, aims to provide enterprises with tools to closely monitor generative AI systems as they continue to gain adoption.

“This technology (Gen AI) enables organizations to create innovative solutions that boost productivity, profitability, and competitiveness. While transformational, it also poses new challenges for security, transparency, reliability, experience, and cost management. Organizations need AI observability that covers every aspect of their generative AI solutions to overcome these challenges. Dynatrace is extending its observability and AI leadership to meet this need, helping customers to embrace AI confidently and securely with unparalleled insights into their generative AI-driven applications,” said Bernd Greifeneder, CTO at Dynatrace.

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