Infineon Technologies and Aurora Labs Partner to Enhance Predictive Maintenance Solutions in the Automotive Industry

Infineon Technologies, a leading chip maker, and Aurora Labs, an AI technology provider, have joined forces to revolutionize the predictive maintenance solutions in the automotive industry. This groundbreaking partnership, announced at CES 2024, aims to elevate the standards of automotive safety through the implementation of AI-based solutions.

Improving Driver Safety with AI Technology

The primary objective of this collaboration is to enhance driver safety by fortifying the reliability and safety of crucial automotive components, such as steering systems, braking systems, and airbags. By leveraging Aurora Labs’ Line-of-Code Intelligence (LOCI) AI technology, implemented on Infineon’s 32-bit TriCore AURIX TC4x family of microcontrollers (MCUs), automotive manufacturers can significantly improve vehicle safety, reliability, and performance throughout a vehicle’s lifespan.

“Our partnership with Infineon marks a significant stride in leveraging AI-driven automated processes across the vehicle’s software lifecycle. This solution offers real-time monitoring and response to software failures at the MCU and ECU levels, aligning with WP29 requirements. By safeguarding applications and OTA updates, our joint solution effectively mitigates malicious attacks and hardware safety failure.”

– Zohar Fox, CEO of Aurora Labs

The partnership between Infineon and Aurora Labs aims to facilitate predictive safety maintenance by incorporating AI capabilities. This innovative solution ensures a seamless and secure driving experience for all drivers. Additionally, it optimizes original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software development processes, addressing intricate lines of code and hardware peripheral resolutions, ultimately enabling the development of safer systems in compliance with ASIL-D standards.

Enhancing Predictive Maintenance Applications for Vehicles

“As a leading provider of automotive semiconductors, our collaboration with Aurora Labs signifies a significant step towards enhancing predictive maintenance applications for vehicles. The fusion of Infineon’s trusted AURIX MCUs with Aurora Labs’ software capabilities in preventing data corruption and software misbehavior ensures an elevated safety level for critical automotive functions, including steering, braking, and airbags.”

– Thomas Schneid, Senior Director at Infineon

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