Sony Partners with Honda and Microsoft on AI and Electric Car Development

Sony has recently announced its collaboration with Honda for the production of an electric car called Afeela, set to debut in 2025. In addition, the company revealed its partnership with Microsoft, focusing on AI and other technologies for the mobility industry, as it prepares to launch the Afeela. This venture showcases Sony’s commitment to innovation and its vision for the future of transportation.

The Evolution of the Afeela

“The car is making progress since it was announced a couple of years ago at CES,”

Izumi Kawanishi, a representative from Sony, unveiled the latest updates on the Afeela’s development during the CES 2024 event. Driving the car onto the stage using a PlayStation 5 game controller, Kawanishi demonstrated the cutting-edge features of the vehicle.

Intersecting Gaming and Mobility

The Afeela boasts an array of technology tailored for gamers. Its vibrant front dashboard screens showcase captivating images, while screens in the backseat provide entertainment for passengers through gaming experiences. Through this innovative combination, Sony aims to redefine the relationship between people and mobility, embracing the concept of the car as a platform for gaming.

A Collaborative Effort

“The aim is to redefine the relationship between people and mobility,”

Microsoft executive Jessica Hawk joined Kawanishi on stage to discuss the partnership between Sony and Microsoft. This union will leverage AI technology and Microsoft’s Azure computing infrastructure, highlighting a rare instance of collaboration between two tech giants. Furthermore, Sony has teamed up with Polyphony Digital, harnessing their expertise in virtual game car driving experiences to enhance the development of the Afeela.

Advancing Safety and Virtual Reality

Qualcomm will also be involved in ensuring the Afeela’s safety, providing advanced driver assistance system programs. Sony is further expanding its reach in the tech industry by introducing a new head-mounted display, designed to enhance content creation and offering a virtual reality experience. This impressive gadget was showcased not only at Sony’s press conference but also at the Siemens keynote, emphasizing its potential in various fields.

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