Palo Alto-based Startup Credo AI Partners with Databricks to Enhance AI Governance

Palo Alto-based startup Credo AI has recently announced a collaboration with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, offering an AI governance solution to Databricks customers. This integration allows for seamless tracking and management of AI risk and compliance on a large scale, by leveraging data and evidence already stored in the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. The partnership aims to provide transparency throughout the development lifecycle of AI systems.

Enhancing AI Governance with Credo AI

Credo AI, founded in 2020, has gained traction in the industry and secured $12.8 million in Series A funding in May 2022. The startup’s platform integrates with Databricks’ MLFlow, a tool that manages the machine learning development lifecycle. By collaborating, Credo AI and Databricks enable automatic translation of model metrics and metadata into essential governance artifacts, such as Model Cards and AI Impact Assessments. These artifacts are becoming increasingly important as regulations like the EU AI Act are emerging and requiring model providers and developers to self-assess AI system risks, perform conformity assessments, and maintain auditable registries.

“We set out four years ago with the core focus that we are going to be this layer of governance which provides continuous accountability and oversight over your technical infrastructure,”

– Credo AI founder and CEO Navrina Singh told VentureBeat

Navrina Singh, the founder and CEO of Credo AI, sees the collaboration with Databricks as significant, setting the tone for the future of AI governance. Singh believes that this partnership showcases the importance of governance understanding business context and priorities. It allows enterprises not only to manage their own risks but also to release safe and responsible products in the market.

“This is an indication to enterprises that the layer of governance needs to understand context and business priorities… Not only can you manage your own risk, but you can actually really put out safe, responsible products in the market.”

– Navrina Singh, founder and CEO of Credo AI

According to Roger Murff, VP of technology partners at Databricks, the collaboration with Credo AI brings AI policy intelligence to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. As companies develop their AI strategies, they are increasingly recognizing the critical role of governance in ensuring a safe, responsible, and compliant adoption of AI at scale.

“As companies develop their AI strategies, they realize how critical governance is to ensure a safe, responsible and compliant adoption of AI at scale.”

– Roger Murff, VP of technology partners at Databricks

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