Aethir: Revolutionizing Gaming and AI with Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure

The shift to cloud infrastructure has been a massive trend for the internet, but it can strain computing resources when it comes to generative AI and gaming applications. Singapore-based Aethir is taking a different approach by focusing on decentralization through blockchain and peer-to-peer networking. This allows for faster games and AI processing. Aethir utilizes graphics processing units (GPUs) from a decentralized network of infrastructure companies to accelerate computing tasks, resulting in cost savings of up to 60%.

Aethir is making significant strides in the gaming and AI industries by participating in Nvidia’s Inception program. Mark Rydon, CEO of Aethir, expressed the company’s goal of revolutionizing Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) and creating a GPU-as-a-Service ecosystem for infrastructure providers. By joining the Inception program, Aethir gains visibility, potential investments, and valuable connections.

Bringing Joy to Gamers and Facilitating AI Interactions

Aethir’s primary aim is to bring joy to gamers and enable swift, secure, and cost-effective interactions with artificial intelligence worldwide. Their flagship product, Aethir Atmosphere, introduces a groundbreaking concept of a new Web3 cloud that democratizes GPU resources for enterprises. This innovation allows users to experience the future of computing today.

“Joining Nvidia Inception is an important part of our company’s evolution. Nvidia’s unrivaled expertise in GPU technology and deep learning will be an invaluable asset as we continue to innovate and push boundaries in the cloud gaming and AI verticals.” – Kyle Okamoto, CTO of Aethir

Aethir addresses the cost and latency challenges associated with delivering GPU computational loads to latency-sensitive industries. Their infrastructure solution offers a faster and cheaper alternative that becomes more efficient as it expands. Through low-latency GPU resource delivery via the cloud, Aethir provides a reliable option for enterprises and game studios.

Rethinking Cloud Infrastructure through Decentralization

Traditional cloud infrastructure is primarily CPU and storage focused, which isn’t ideal for delivering GPU resources in a cost-effective manner. Aethir aims to solve this issue by rethinking cloud infrastructure from the ground up. Their decentralized network allows different enterprises to expose their GPUs, creating an organic edge computing infrastructure.

“What we have with our decentralized infrastructure network is the ability for different enterprises to expose their GPUs to our infrastructure. There’s no ecosystem incentive for this hardware to be under one roof. So immediately, you start to mimic an edge computing infrastructure… And you’re getting this organic coverage and organic scalability that is incredibly difficult to replicate in traditional cloud and incredibly expensive to replicate in an edge scenario.” – Mark Rydon, CEO of Aethir

This distribution of infrastructure mimics the benefits of edge computing without the high costs. By aggregating GPUs from multiple providers, Aethir can compete against market leaders’ infrastructure, offering more capacity and flexibility. Additionally, Aethir’s decentralized network allows for easy scalability and efficient resource allocation as demand surges.

Expanding Reach and Providing Computing Resources

Aethir is expanding its reach in Southeast Asia, capitalizing on the region’s rapid growth. By deploying nodes and connecting more users onto its ecosystem, Aethir enables game companies to deploy in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Latin America, Brazil, Japan, and South Korea. With more than 10 games and over 200,000 users on its network, Aethir continues to provide computing resources where they are needed.

“We are actually built as a solution for that problem.” – Mark Rydon, CEO of Aethir

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