Intel Launches Intel Core Ultra Processors for AI-Powered PCs

Intel has introduced its latest innovation, the Intel Core Ultra processors, at the highly anticipated AI Everywhere event. This breakthrough technology signifies a new era in computing, offering unprecedented power efficiency, unrivaled compute and graphics performance, and an unparalleled AI PC experience for mobile platforms and edge devices.

The Future of AI-Powered PCs

The Intel Core Ultra processors are set to revolutionize the PC landscape, with Intel projecting that AI-powered PCs will dominate 80% of the market by 2028. Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Intel’s executive vice president and general manager of the client computing group, emphasized that this launch reaffirms Intel’s pivotal role in ushering AI into the world of personal computing.

“The Intel Core Ultra launch sets the stage for a significant leap in computing evolution. With these cutting-edge processors, Intel is driving the future of AI-powered PCs.”

– Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Intel’s EVP and GM of the client computing group

The Power Behind the Processors

The Intel Core Ultra processors mark a monumental architectural shift for Intel, representing its most significant design change in four decades. These processors leverage the advanced Intel 4 process technology and Foveros 3D packaging, harnessing leading-edge processes to deliver optimal performance and capabilities.

  • The performance-core (P-core) architecture enhances instructions per cycle (IPC), resulting in an impressive 11% increase in compute power compared to competitors.
  • The addition of efficient-cores (E-cores) and low-power Efficient-cores (LP E-cores) ensures superior CPU performance for ultrathin PCs.

With these advancements, Intel Evo edition laptops featuring the Intel Core Ultra processors offer exceptional laptop performance with extended battery life, instant wake functionality, fast charging capabilities, high-quality built-in cameras, and enhanced connectivity features.

The Promise of the Future

As Intel continues to forge new partnerships and expand its Engineered for Intel Evo program, the future of computing looks incredibly promising. With the introduction of these groundbreaking processors, Intel is paving the way for AI-powered PCs and devices that redefine the very essence of personal computing.

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