The Simulation by Fable Open Sources SAGA, an AI-Based Tool for Creating Immersive Simulations

The Simulation by Fable, a San Francisco-based company, has announced the open sourcing of their new tool, SAGA (Skill to Action Generation for Agents). This tool allows developers to create highly immersive simulations with AI characters as the main actors. With a team consisting of industry veterans from Pixar and Oculus, The Simulation by Fable aims to empower developers in crafting complex, dynamic worlds that reflect real-world events or speculative scenarios.

Bringing AI Characters to Life within Simulations

SAGA, the newly released AI framework, provides developers with the means to bring intelligent agents to life in simulations. Edward Saatchi, CEO of The Simulation by Fable, explains, “We want to enable them to bring their simulations to life with intelligent agents that can plan and take actions.” This tool allows for the creation of detailed worlds within historical or fictional contexts, where AI characters can make intelligent choices and interact with their environment.

“The promise of Westworld was narrative agents living in a simulation until humans entered. I think the moral is that humans treated it like a theme park for their own personal ambitions and ruined what could have been – a powerful simulation of agents.”

– Frank Carey, CTO of The Simulation by Fable

SAGA not only facilitates the creation of narratives driven by embodied agents but also allows for the simulation of inter-agent dynamics and loyalty shifts. This results in unexpected outcomes and evolving narratives that can be scored and fine-tuned, ensuring a rich and engaging simulation experience.

The Potential of SAGA and AI-Driven Simulations

The Simulation by Fable envisions a thriving community centered around simulations, pushing the boundaries of AI-driven creativity. SAGA’s open source release aims to stimulate innovation within the developer community and gather valuable feedback. The company plans to showcase new work created with SAGA at the next Virtual Beings Summit in 2024.

“Vast virtual simulations with embodied agents are the future for AI research. We believe a company with the right mix of gaming and AI talent could be the next OpenAI. Game developers should not see themselves as mere clients and grateful recipients of the work of OpenAI and Anthropic but as the drivers of the next stage of AI – realistic, embodied agents in complex, emergent 24/7 simulations.”

– Edward Saatchi, CEO of The Simulation by Fable

The company explores various applications of SAGA, including economic simulations, historical reenactments, creation games, and AI-powered episodic TV shows. Additionally, developers have the freedom to use SAGA with their own simulations and contribute to the growth of the tool and the simulation community.

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