Boston-based Startup Wasabi Acquires Curio AI to Expand AI-powered Intelligent Storage

Boston-based Wasabi Technologies, a data storage startup, has announced its acquisition of Curio AI, a machine learning platform, from GrayMeta, a California-based metadata solutions provider. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. However, Wasabi stated that this acquisition will allow it to incorporate Curio’s technology into a new class of AI-powered intelligent storage specifically designed for the media and entertainment industry. The intellectual property and the Curio team acquired through this deal will form the foundation of the new offering, set to launch later this year. As part of the acquisition, GrayMeta CEO Aaron Edell will join Wasabi as the senior vice president of AI and machine learning.

Wasabi, founded in 2017 by Carbonite co-founders David Friend and Jeff Flowers, offers “hot cloud storage,” a universal and easy-to-use cloud object storage service. It allows organizations to store and access an unlimited amount of data without complex tiers, egress fees, or API fees. The company treats all data equally, ensuring that it can be readily accessed regardless of its classification as hot (frequently accessed) or cold (infrequently accessed). Since its launch, Wasabi has gained over 40,000 enterprise customers and 13,000 partners, with storage regions located across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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