Data Lakehouse Provider Databricks Continues its Acquisition Spree

The data lakehouse provider Databricks has recently announced its acquisition of Einblick, a natural language data science notebook provider. Einblick’s platform allows enterprise users to solve complex data problems using simple natural language queries. This acquisition marks Databricks’ fourth purchase in the past year, as the company aims to enhance its offering to enterprises and compete with rival Snowflake.

An Augmented Data Storage and Analysis Offering

With this acquisition, Databricks aims to position itself as the one-stop-shop for all data storage and analysis needs. The company has previously acquired data replicator Arcion, Mosiac ML, and data governance platform Okera. The specific price tag of the Einblick acquisition has not been disclosed.

“The Einblick team has pioneered state-of-the-art techniques for translating natural language questions into the code, charts, and models needed to generate insights,” wrote Databricks executives in a company blog post.

Einblick, founded in 2019 by researchers from MIT and Brown University, offers an AI-native platform that simplifies complex data problems into straightforward natural language queries. It enables users to convert their thoughts into comprehensive data workflows effortlessly.

Innovative Data Analysis Approach

The essence of Einblick’s innovation lies in its approach to data analysis. By integrating AI directly into the authoring surface, the platform allows users to seamlessly convert their thoughts into data workflows. Through its AI assistant, Einblick Prompt, users can ask questions or provide instructions, and the platform will automatically figure out the best way to generate insights.

“Einblick’s technology leverages a sophisticated multi-step architecture that processes raw user input, enriches it with contextual information, and translates it into actionable insights using SQL, Python, and higher-level logical operators,” explained the company.

Einblick’s platform also offers a free web tool called ChartGen AI for generating charts. Users can easily upload different file types, describe the chart they want, and let the program handle the rest.

Databricks recognizes the transformative potential of Einblick’s technology and plans to embed it into its existing Data Intelligence Platform. With this move, Databricks aims to simplify and democratize data and AI, making data insights accessible to users regardless of their technical expertise.

The acquisition of Einblick aligns well with Databricks’ mission, as stated by Einblick founder and CEO Emanuel Zgraggen: “When we founded Einblick, our goal was to empower companies to do more with data, by creating the easiest and most collaborative data platform.”

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Databricks founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi and Einblick co-founder Tim Kraska attended university together in Berkeley, further strengthening their connection.

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