Nabla Raises $24 Million to Accelerate Development of AI Copilot for Doctors

Nabla, a French startup, has secured $24 million in a series B round of funding from Cathay Innovation and Zebox. The investment will be used to further develop Nabla’s AI copilot and expand its presence in the U.S. healthcare market. With this latest funding, the total capital raised by the company now stands at $44.6 million.

While copilots have been introduced in various industries, their implementation in the healthcare sector has been slow due to concerns from doctors and clinicians. However, Nabla aims to change that with its innovative AI copilot, which provides doctors with a convenient tool to enhance their workflow. The Nabla Copilot is a web app or Chrome extension that sits on a doctor’s computer. It listens to their consultations with patients and leverages AI to generate clinical notes in real-time, eliminating the need for manual documentation.

These generated notes contain all essential information from the consultation, including the patient’s medical history, prescribed medications or tests, and the primary issue. Physicians can then review and edit these notes before filing them into an electronic health record. Additionally, Nabla plans to introduce a feature that uses the discussion and examination to generate a set of patient instructions on behalf of the physician. This feature will allow the generated instructions to be saved as a PDF and printed for the patient’s convenience.

Nabla achieves this seamless functionality through the use of real-time speech-to-text AI. The transcript of the conversation is generated through a combination of Microsoft’s off-the-shelf speech-to-text API and a fine-tuned Whisper model. The transcript is then converted into a summarized clinical note using the GPT series of large language models (LLMs). Personal identifiable information (PII) is masked during the transcription process and only unmasked once the output has been generated. It is important to note that neither the speech nor the summarized notes are stored unless explicitly consented to by the physician and the patient.

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