The Impact of AI at CES 2024

Last year, CES 2023 generated about 118,000 attendees and 3,200 exhibitors. It was the biggest number for the big tech trade show in Las Vegas since 2020 and it far outstripped the COVID-racked event in January 2022. This year, the CES 2024 show is expected to be even bigger. Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, stated that they anticipate around 130,000 attendees and 3,500 exhibitors. Not only that, but exhibitor space is also expected to grow by 10% as the show expands to 2.4 million square feet compared to 2.2 million in CES 2023.

The Role of AI in CES 2024

One of the key drivers of CES 2024 is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Shapiro mentioned that AI is expected to be present in various products and services that will be announced at the show. The CES Innovation Awards program has already seen a significant increase of over 40% in applications for CES 2024. This highlights the growing interest and importance of AI in the tech industry.

“It’s the top of the list in terms of discussion. How companies will exhibit that, we’ll discover when we get there. But it’s definitely playing a major role. It’s a key ingredient in just about everything from health care to mobility,” said Shapiro.

In addition to AI, there are other notable features at CES 2024. The Goodyear blimp, for example, will make an appearance. However, AI remains a focal point of the show, with its impact being felt in a wide range of sectors and industries.

Expectations for Attendance and Exhibitor Numbers

While exact numbers for CES 2024 are not yet available, Shapiro mentioned that they are projecting around 130,000 attendees, surpassing the attendance of CES 2023. The pre-registration numbers suggest a strong turnout, especially from international participants. Exhibitor numbers are also expected to be similar to the previous year, with an estimated 3,500 exhibitors participating in CES 2024.

“We have strong pre-registration, especially internationally, and all the categories are strong.”– Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association

Overall, CES 2024 is poised to be a showcase of innovation and technological advancements, with AI taking center stage. From health care to mobility, AI’s impact is expected to be seen and experienced throughout the show.

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