The University of California at Berkeley and SKS Partners Unveil $2 Billion Research and Development Hub at NASA’s Ames Research Center

The University of California at Berkeley and SKS Partners have announced the creation of a $2 billion research and development hub at the NASA’s Ames Research Center. Known as the Berkeley Space Center, this project aims to tap into the rich innovation ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay Area. The center will be located on the former Moffett Field air base in Mountain View, California, spanning 36 acres. Its main objective is to stimulate collaboration between the private sector, academia, and government agencies in the exploration of space.

The Berkeley Space Center will focus on interdisciplinary research and development, with a diverse range of fields including astronautics, quantum computing, climate studies, and the social sciences. Its goal is to identify, incubate, and launch technological breakthroughs. This ambitious project is expected to create over 6,000 jobs and breathe new life into Silicon Valley.

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