The Unistellar Odyssey Smart Telescope: Bringing the Cosmos Closer

The Unistellar Odyssey Smart Telescope: Bringing the Cosmos Closer

Unveiling the Next Generation

Unistellar, a company based in Marseille, France and San Francisco, is extending its pursuit of backyard astronomers with the launch of a new generation of AI telescopes called the Odyssey Smart Telescope. Unveiled at CES 2024, the Odyssey Smart Telescope promises to bring the cosmos closer than ever before, providing a transformative stargazing experience for both seasoned astronomers and enthusiastic novices.

The Odyssey Smart Telescope aims to fulfill the dream of observing the night sky from the comfort of home, even in urban landscapes with high light pollution. With the help of its machine learning and AI capabilities, Unistellar removes light pollution from images, allowing users to view galaxies, clusters of stars, and nebulae with stunning clarity.

“Now we are ready to unveil generation two,” said Unistellar’s Franck Marchis, chief science officer.

The first generation of Unistellar telescopes required manual adjustments and optimization by users. However, the new Odyssey Smart Telescope is designed with ease of use in mind. Users can simply take it out of the box and start observing the sky within minutes. This advancement is a result of two years of work and learning from the feedback of thousands of Unistellar users around the globe.

The Features of the Odyssey Smart Telescope

The Odyssey Smart Telescope comes in two versions: the Odyssey and the Odyssey Pro. With the Pro version, users have the option of using an eyepiece or viewing the imagery on a smart device. Both versions can be controlled through a smartphone app, making it easy to point the telescope at different celestial objects in the night sky. Additionally, Unistellar has developed the Multi-Depth Technology, allowing the telescope to seamlessly transition between observing nearby planets and distant galaxies.

Unistellar has partnered with Nikon to create high-precision optics for the Odyssey Smart Telescope, ensuring superior clarity and precision in astronomical observations. The telescope also features Stellar Autofocus, a system powered by an intelligent algorithm and motorized sensor, which maintains sharpness during observations of celestial objects millions of light-years away.

“Unistellar’s Odyssey introduces a new era of smart telescopes, breaking down the barriers that previously kept the wonders of the universe out of reach for many,” said Laurent Marfisi, CEO and cofounder of Unistellar.

The Odyssey Smart Telescope is compact and lightweight, making it easy to set up and transport to different locations. It synchronizes seamlessly with the Unistellar app, which transforms smartphones and tablets into intelligent celestial guides, providing comprehensive information about celestial objects and facilitating shared observations with friends and family.

Availability and Citizen Science

The Odyssey Smart Telescope is now available for purchase on Unistellar’s website and select resellers. Unistellar has also partnered with NASA and the SETI Institute to create a unique citizen science program. Users of the Odyssey Smart Telescope can participate in the program and have the opportunity to make their own discoveries, contributing to the field of astronomy.

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