Microsoft Enhances Data Security and Compliance for AI Systems

At the Microsoft Ignite conference today, the software giant unveiled new data security and compliance capabilities in Microsoft Purview, focusing on protecting information used in generative AI systems like Copilot. These new features aim to provide greater control over data access, automatic classification of sensitive data, and the implementation of compliance controls for LLM usage in Copilot.

New Levels of Data Protection for AI Systems

Herain Oberoi, general manager of Microsoft data security, compliance, and privacy, emphasizes the importance of data in AI applications, stating that “Data is effectively the foundation on which AI is built. AI is only as good as the data that goes in.” Microsoft recognizes the significance of securing the future of AI by focusing on data protection with Purview.

“With Purview, now, if you connect those two dots, Microsoft is looking to secure the future of AI or secure the future of the data with AI. And I think that’s just such a responsible approach,”

– Rudra Mitra, corporate vice president at Microsoft

Purview introduces an AI hub that offers administrators visibility into Copilot usage across the organization. With this visibility, they can assess associated risks and identify which employees are interacting with the AI. To mitigate vulnerabilities, sensitive data will be blocked from being input into Copilot based on user risk profiles. Furthermore, the output from the AI will inherit protective labels from the source data, ensuring continued protection.

Mitra highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach, stating, “It’s not just visibility across Microsoft’s Copilots, we think the complete picture is what’s important for the customer here.”

Extending Data Protection and Compliance

Expanding beyond Copilot, Purview’s auditing, retention, and communication monitoring capabilities will now encompass Copilot interactions. This enhancement ensures that compliance requirements are met and enables organizations to maintain control and transparency.

Microsoft’s commitment to responsible and ethical data use in enterprise AI systems extends beyond Copilot. They plan to extend Purview’s protection to in-house built AI and third-party consumer apps like ChatGPT. With AI rapidly gaining adoption, Microsoft aims to position itself at the forefront of data governance, privacy, and preventing misuse in the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology.

The article concludes by emphasizing that trust is a critical factor for users to fully embrace AI and its potential. It calls for competitors like Google, Amazon, and IBM to prioritize data ethics, as true responsible AI requires industry-wide support. The company that prioritizes trust will lead the way into the AI-powered future, as enterprises seek a balance between cutting-edge innovation and robust data protection.

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