Securing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workflows

Securing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workflows can be a complex challenge involving multiple components. Seattle-based startup Protect AI is addressing this challenge by acquiring Laiyer AI, the lead firm behind the popular LLM Guard open-source project. This acquisition will enhance Protect AI’s AI security platform, specifically in protecting organizations against potential risks associated with the development and usage of large language models (LLMs).

Protect AI’s core commercial platform, called Radar, provides visibility, detection, and management capabilities for AI/ML models. With a Series A funding of $35 million in July 2023, the company aims to expand its AI security efforts. Daryan (D) Dehghanpisheh, the president and founder of Protect AI, expressed the company’s goal to drive the industry to adopt MLSecOps, stating, “The adoption of MLSecOps fundamentally helps you see, know, and manage all forms of your AI risk and security vulnerabilities.” By integrating Laiyer AI’s LLM Guard open-source project, Protect AI can further protect users from prompt injection attacks, PII leakage, toxic language, and malicious URLs.

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