Brilliant Labs Raises $3 Million in Funding for AI-Powered AR Glasses

Brilliant Labs Raises $3 Million in Funding for AI-Powered AR Glasses

Brilliant Labs, a leading innovator in the field of augmented reality (AR), has successfully secured $3 million in funding for the development of its AI-powered AR glasses. The company has also made significant announcements regarding its generative AI app and the integration of a visual open-source AI model into its flagship AR device.

Rebranded AI App: Noa

One of the major updates from Brilliant Labs is the rebranding of its generative AI app. Formerly known as arGPT, the app has now been renamed Noa. This powerful application utilizes AI technology to generate content and deliver a seamless user experience.

“The rebranded Noa application, previously known as ‘arGPT,’ plays a central role in Brilliant Labs’ mission,” said CEO Bobak Tavangar. “With the addition of Stability AI, Brilliant Labs takes a significant step forward.”

Integration of Stability AI into Monocle

One of the most exciting announcements from Brilliant Labs is the integration of Stability AI into its flagship AR device, Monocle. Stability AI is a visual open-source AI model that enhances the capabilities of Monocle, allowing users to create AI-generated imagery in real-time.

By connecting the Noa app to Monocle via Bluetooth, users can capture images of their surroundings using Monocle’s front-facing camera. They can then utilize Stability AI to adjust and enhance these images according to their preferences. This integration allows for a truly immersive and personalized AR experience.

“The integration of Stability AI brings together a suite of global generative AI models within the wearable Monocle device,” explained Tavangar. “This empowers users to create AI-generated imagery from real-life snapshots and opens up endless possibilities for creativity.”

Brilliant Labs’ Commitment to Advancing AR Technology

The successful funding round, which surpassed the initial $3 million seed investment, demonstrates the industry’s confidence in Brilliant Labs’ vision and commitment to advancing generative AI technology in the AR space. With the support of key players in the AR and generative AI industries, Brilliant Labs aims to be a leading provider of AR devices and foster an open-source ecosystem for developers and consumers seeking a reliable personal AI assistant.

“Today’s news represents a significant milestone on our journey to creating an open-source ecosystem that will give life to the next generation of embedded AI devices that leverage augmented reality,” said Tavangar, highlighting the impact of the funding and industry support.

Ethical Framework for Head-Mounted AI Devices

Brilliant Labs, along with Wayfarer Foundation, is also spearheading the development of the world’s first ethics framework for head-mounted AI devices. This initiative sets a new precedent in the industry and showcases Brilliant Labs’ commitment to responsible and ethical AI development.

“Crucially, our vision of the future is also shared by key players in the AR and generative AI industry, who once again have shown enormous support,” noted Tavangar, underscoring the collaboration and collective effort in creating an ethical framework.

Support from Prominent Investors

Brilliant Labs has garnered support from prominent investors, including the Wayfarer Foundation, former Paylocity founder Steve Sorowitz, and Coho VC. The strong backing from leaders in the AR and generative AI industries solidifies Brilliant Labs’ position as a frontrunner in the development of AI-powered AR glasses and fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation.

  • Brendan Iribe, cofounder of Oculus
  • Adam Cheyer, cofounder of Siri
  • Eric Migicovsky, founder of Pebble

These notable figures have also contributed to the initial $3 million funding, further highlighting their belief in the potential of Brilliant Labs and its mission.

Founded in 2019 by ex-Apple employee Bobak Tavangar, along with cofounders Raj Nakarja and Ben Heald, Brilliant Labs is dedicated to transforming human-device interactions through cutting-edge generative AI-embedded AR glasses. With total seed funding exceeding $6 million, Brilliant Labs is well-positioned for future success and continued innovation.

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