Broadband Giant Comcast Deploys Fastest Internet Connectivity

Broadband giant Comcast has announced the deployment of its fastest internet connectivity in select cities across the U.S. The company is introducing its cutting-edge DOCSIS 4.0 technology, which enables symmetrical upload and download speeds ranging from 300 megabits per second (Mbps) to two Gbps.

Delivering Next-Generation Internet Experience

Comcast aims to bring multi-gig symmetrical speeds to residential customers over their existing connections. The company plans to introduce the first residential customers to this next-generation internet experience, starting with select neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Areas of Atlanta and Philadelphia will follow suit in the near future.

“The ubiquity of our network, which is already accessible to tens of millions of homes, provides us with an incredible opportunity to bring multi-gigabit upload and download speeds to communities across the country with the scale and efficiency that no other provider can replicate,”

– Dave Watson, CEO of Comcast Cable

Comcast’s connectivity experience, powered by the Xfinity 10G Network, will enable speeds of up to 10 Gbps over the traditional network for virtually all customers. This upgrade also promises improved reliability, lower latency, and enhanced in-home WiFi coverage.

X-Class Internet: Unleashing Symmetrical Power

Comcast’s introduction of DOCSIS 4.0 brings forth a new portfolio of symmetrical products for residential customers called X-Class Internet. These products will offer various speed tiers, including X-300 Mbps, X-500 Mbps, X-1 Gbps, and X-2 Gbps, delivering exceptional online experiences for activities like live sports streaming, work calls, and gaming.

The progression to DOCSIS 4.0 involves leveraging the breakthrough network technology known as “full duplex,” which dramatically increases upstream speeds without compromising downstream speeds using the same network spectrum. In 2021, Comcast conducted the first-ever live test of full duplex DOCSIS and later achieved the world’s first 10G connection from the network to a modem. The company also conducted a live trial connecting a business location to its DOCSIS 4.0-enabled 10G network in the previous year.

“Our connectivity experience, powered by the Xfinity 10G Network, will allow us to deliver speeds up to 10 Gbps over our traditional network to virtually all our customers, plus even better reliability, lower latency, and the best in-home WiFi coverage.”

– Dave Watson, CEO of Comcast Cable

Comcast’s commitment to advancing its network extends beyond the DOCSIS 4.0 deployment. The company has invested in various technologies like distributed access architecture (DAA), a vCMTS, Comcast Octave, Xfinity Fiber Meter (XMF), Storm-Ready WiFi, and low latency implementations to enhance speed, reliability, and latency.

Since its introduction in 1997, DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) has been continuously updated by Comcast to transmit high-speed data over existing cable wires. This includes the introduction of DOCSIS 3.1-powered Gigabit Internet service in 2016.

Residents of Colorado Springs will have the opportunity to sign up online for the new DOCSIS 4.0-powered Internet plans.

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