Enhancing Employee Efficiency with Box Hubs and Box AI

Today’s fast-paced business environment demands quick access to relevant information for employees to perform their jobs effectively. However, the exponential growth of data in the enterprise has made this task increasingly challenging. Box, a leader in cloud-based content management and collaboration, has recognized this conundrum and introduced a groundbreaking solution – Box Hubs. In conjunction with Box AI, this innovative platform assists employees in finding critical information in seconds, automatically summarizing vast amounts of data, and facilitating the creation of new content.

The Power of Box Hubs

With Box Hubs, customers can create dedicated hubs that organize relevant documents and resources. For instance, HR teams can establish a hub encompassing the company handbook, 401K plans, diversity and inclusion resources, and other essential materials. Similarly, sales enablement teams can curate a hub containing the corporate pitch, buyer personas, and essential discovery questions. This enables the sales team to engage with buyers more effectively, leading to increased revenue.

“the vast majority of employees spend too much time trying to find the information they need to do their job.”
– Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of Box

According to IDC, the majority of data generated by organizations today is unstructured, encompassing spreadsheets, videos, images, and documents. This abundance of unstructured data contributes to the struggle employees face when attempting to locate vital information. Aaron Levie emphasizes the problem by stating, “the vast majority of employees spend too much time trying to find the information they need to do their job.”

Box Hubs and the Power of AI

Box’s vision is to make enterprise knowledge instantly discoverable, useful, and valuable. Box Hubs, the antithesis of traditional search, enables publishers to disseminate information to a broad audience without users knowing what they need in advance. This unique approach enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for exhaustive searches.

“It’s almost the inverse of search, ironically. Search is really powerful when you, as the user, know what you’re looking for, and you just don’t know where it is. Hubs is kind of the opposite—the publisher needs to get information out to an audience and the user does not inherently know in advance what they’re looking for.”
– Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of Box

By integrating Box Hubs with Box AI, an advanced suite of AI models natively integrated into the Box Content Cloud, users can tap into the power of AI to harness the vast amount of data stored within their organization. Leveraging AI capabilities, users can ask questions across all curated content in a hub, extract key information, summarize complex concepts, and compare specific files. Furthermore, users can generate new content based on the information stored in a hub, thereby streamlining content creation processes.

As an initial step, Box AI will roll out to Box’s Enterprise Plus customers in beta stage from November. This beta release allows users to make 20 queries per month, with the option to purchase additional queries for larger-scale use cases.

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