Equinix: Becoming the Premier Platform for Private AI Infrastructure

Equinix, a leading global digital infrastructure company, continues to make significant strides in establishing itself as the go-to platform for deploying private AI infrastructure. With its Cloud Adjacency, robust ecosystems, and worldwide reach, Equinix has become a hub for both enterprises and service providers.

The Need for Secure AI Environments

When it comes to AI, businesses often have to rely on publicly available AI models to gain valuable insights. However, concerns arise when sensitive business data is involved, necessitating a secure environment. Equinix addresses this need by offering a platform for deploying private AI infrastructure. This enables businesses to leverage public models while safeguarding confidential information from exposure to the public domain, ensuring data security without compromising privacy.

“Private AI offers businesses the best of both worlds: the prowess of AI coupled with data privacy, high performance, and predictable costs,” says Jon Lin, general manager of data center services at Equinix. Through the deployment of private AI infrastructure on Equinix, enterprises can maximize the potential of AI while protecting their valuable data.

Meeting the Demand for Private AI

Equinix’s expansive global reach, network density, and adjacency to cloud services position it well to meet the increasing demand for private AI. “The increasing demand for private AI mirrors the earlier widespread adoption of private cloud solutions,” states Dave McCarthy, research vice president at IDC. Equinix serves as the essential digital infrastructure necessary to support the growing interest in private AI.

Both enterprises and service providers are leveraging Equinix for their private AI deployments. The concentration of buyers and sellers within Equinix’s AI ecosystem, combined with its proximity to major cloud on-ramps, creates a conducive environment for the burgeoning AI market.

“Equinix, with its expansive global reach, network density, and adjacency to cloud services, is well-equipped to meet the increasing demand for private AI. It provides the essential digital infrastructure necessary for the growing interest in private AI.” – Dave McCarthy, Research Vice President at IDC

Customer Deployments in the Enterprise

Equinix boasts a diverse range of customer deployments in the enterprise sector. One such customer is i3D.net, a European gaming company that utilizes AI to maintain game integrity. By employing algorithmic analysis of player statistics (AAPS), i3D.net can detect cheating by analyzing in-game screenshots. By leveraging Equinix’s presence in over 35 locations, i3D.net ensures data protection through global proximity to users and low-latency network connectivity.

Another notable partner is Continental, a multinational automotive parts manufacturer and leader in autonomous driving intelligence. Continental’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) business unit has been developing intelligent sensors and data-driven traffic safety solutions for over two decades. With a focus on deep learning and training artificial neural networks, Continental’s Vision Zero project aims to eliminate deaths caused by traffic accidents.

Continental leverages Nvidia AI and IBM storage cluster at Equinix to handle the ingestion, processing, assessment, and storage of terabytes of data from their test fleet. Equinix’s exceptional infrastructure and close collaboration with leading technology providers empower Continental to accelerate the development of their ADAS technologies.

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