HubSpot Unveils AI-Powered Tools for SMBs

Empowering SMBs with AI

HubSpot, established in 2006, has thrived thanks to its suite of social media, digital marketing tools, and Smart CRM software designed for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company is now turning to generative AI and predictive AI to assist its current and future clients in their customer acquisition and communication endeavors. At HubSpot’s INBOUND 2023 conference, they unveiled HubSpot AI, a comprehensive set of AI features integrated into HubSpot’s social publishing and marketing tools.

A Platform-Wide AI Solution

HubSpot AI is a platform-wide AI toolset designed to enhance the growth of SMBs, seamlessly integrated throughout the entire platform. Christopher Miller, HubSpot’s VP of Product for AI, elaborated on these new AI capabilities, emphasizing their broad utility.

  • Sales and Deal Tracking Enhancements
  • Predictive AI Insights

HubSpot has revitalized its Sales Hub to modernize sales processes, including the incorporation of predictive AI insights such as deal health scores.

Miller underscores the significance of predictive AI alongside the buzz around generative AI, particularly in aiding businesses.

Furthermore, HubSpot has extended its partnership with LinkedIn, allowing Smart CRM users to link with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, facilitating the seamless transfer of LinkedIn leads to HubSpot (currently in private beta).

HubSpot’s Commitment

HubSpot is dedicated to providing immediate value to businesses while ensuring they don’t outgrow the platform. With the introduction of these AI tools, along with strategic integrations with industry leaders like LinkedIn and OpenAI, HubSpot aims to become the preferred marketing and sales platform for SMBs.

Miller emphasizes HubSpot’s role in simplifying the adoption of emerging technologies like generative AI for SMBs, recognizing their limited time and resources for research and implementation.

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