Jasper Announces New AI Copilot for Better Marketing Outcomes

Following recent layoffs earlier this year, marketing software platform Jasper is undergoing a recalibration process. In an exclusive interview with VentureBeat, Timothy Young, the new CEO of Jasper, announced the company’s new “end-to-end AI copilot for better marketing outcomes.” This new copilot aims to enhance marketing strategies and improve overall results.

The features introduced by Jasper include:

  • New performance analytics to optimize content
  • A company intelligence hub to align messaging with brand strategy
  • Campaign tools to accelerate review cycles

These features will be available in beta starting from November, with additional capabilities planned for Q1 2024. Jasper’s AI copilot not only generates customized content for each channel, but also handles scheduling, distribution, and tracking. With the integration of performance analytics, users can now demonstrate the real business impact of their campaigns to stakeholders. This elevates Jasper from tactical content creation to true strategic campaign management.

“Jasper is ‘up leveling’ the capabilities…from just an individual piece of content to groupings of content that are strategically valuable.” – Timothy Young

Deep Personalization with Company Intelligence

Jasper’s Vice President of Product and Customer Success, Zach Anderson, discussed the company’s focus on deep personalization through “Company Intelligence.” Marketers can now upload relevant documents directly into Jasper, where the AI analyzes and tags them. This company data is then used to ensure that all content generated by Jasper is perfectly on-brand and authentic. Executives can have confidence that their brand voice and strategic knowledge are accurately captured.

“Jasper will draw directly from this company data to ensure everything is perfectly on-brand without any hallucinations.” – Zach Anderson

Additionally, Jasper prioritizes performance optimization. Marketers can closely track each piece of content’s metrics within the platform, and Jasper provides suggestions on how to improve underperforming assets. With each new campaign, Jasper aims to learn and improve to better achieve customers’ goals and deliver real business results.

The Future of AI in Marketing

Timothy Young believes that the future of AI in marketing will evolve in layers, similar to past technology waves. He states, “Over the last couple of decades, if you look inside enterprises, the value where they start is in the application layer, and then it moves down into the network stack and into the infrastructure stack.” This maturation process indicates that the AI industry is poised for significant growth and specialization as companies develop targeted applications. Young foresees thousands of companies addressing unique enterprise needs in specialized ways.

“Individual companies… are just going to find ways to build applications that really speak to end users, that are focused on verticals, that are focused on sectors, and all the specific challenges and value that they require.” – Timothy Young

Young is confident that, despite tech giants dabbling in the AI space, specialized tools tailored to specific needs will continue to thrive. He draws a parallel to the endurance of Dropbox against giants and believes that Jasper’s outcomes-driven approach will allow the company to carve out durable niches even with growing platform encroachment. Instead of competing feature-for-feature, Jasper plans to embed its AI seamlessly into customers’ existing workflows on various platforms. By delivering unique strategic insights and coordinating complex initiatives, Jasper aims to make its copilot indispensable for optimizing how people work across any environment or application. Long-term success, according to Young, lies in strategic partnerships rather than direct competition.

Jasper places a strong emphasis on deeply understanding customers and building specialized value around their specific needs. Young emphasizes the importance of staying close to customers, gaining insights, and quickly earning their trust through effective software. By doing so, durable strategic relationships can form, where companies help further organzational goals.

In terms of protecting customer data, Jasper employs its proprietary “Jasper AI engine” technology to ensure that no customer information is exposed externally. According to Anderson, other tools may send direct customer inputs and outputs to large language models, while Jasper’s AI engine does not share or pass along any customer data during the process. All collected intelligence remains internal to Jasper, providing executives with confidence that their strategic assets are secure from competitors.

Jasper’s new “Campaign Acceleration” features allow marketers to generate entire campaign blueprints directly from high-level briefs. The tool drives the content creation process from ideation to execution and optimization, making the workflow seamless and efficient.

“Those moments where technology really invokes someone deeply at an emotional level, I just think, are incredibly rare.” – Timothy Young

Young finds it exciting to witness the profound emotional impact Jasper’s technology can have on knowledge workers. By eliminating the friction and loneliness of the creative process, AI assistants like Jasper can rekindle the sense of wonder and childlike excitement that comes with discovering highly useful tools. Through natural dialogue and conversational interaction, Jasper aims to make the workday feel less solitary and help employees consistently achieve their peak performance. Young believes that technologies that forge deep emotional connections and empower users are uniquely positioned for long-term success.

In conclusion, Jasper’s new AI copilot for better marketing outcomes brings a host of features designed to optimize content, align messaging with brand strategy, and accelerate review cycles. With its deep personalization through Company Intelligence and focus on performance optimization, Jasper sets itself apart in the AI marketing space. Furthermore, Jasper’s outcomes-driven approach, strategic partnerships, and commitment to customer understanding ensure long-term success and growth. Through Jasper’s technology, marketing professionals can enhance their workflows, improve productivity, and achieve outstanding results.

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