Luma AI Unveils New Tool for Generating Realistic 3D Models

Luma AI, a startup specializing in 3D content creation, has introduced a groundbreaking tool called Genie. Genie allows users to generate lifelike 3D models in a matter of seconds, using video and text inputs. This new tool is a research preview of a cutting-edge generative 3D foundation model. With Genie, users can create 3D objects based on natural language prompts.

How Genie Works

Genie is currently available for free on Discord. Users can join a channel and simply type in what they want to create. Within moments, Genie will generate four different 3D models that match the description provided. It also provides users with a link to download the models in GLB format. The tool even allows for customization of materials and styles, as well as the ability to view the models in augmented reality.

Genie’s power lies in its deep neural network, which has been trained on an extensive dataset of 3D shapes, textures, and scenes. The network is capable of understanding the semantic and geometric relationships between words and 3D objects. It can generate new shapes that align with the input provided. This enables Genie to handle a wide range of domains, including furniture, animals, vehicles, and buildings.

A Revolutionary Empowerment

Genie has the potential to revolutionize the art world. Amit Patel, co-founder and CEO of Luma AI, believes in democratizing 3D content creation. He states, “The core belief at Luma is that all visual generative models need to reason and work in 3D to make videos, scenes, and worlds that look plausible and are useful.” He goes on to explain that Genie is just the first step in their mission to enable anyone to create visually stunning and practical videos, scenes, and worlds.

“The core belief at Luma is that all visual generative models need to reason and work in 3D to make videos, scenes, and worlds that look plausible and are useful. Today we are sharing Genie, a tiny peek into our foundation model research to show what’s possible. It’s really fast at making up things and a good bit of fun! And it will get better even faster!”

– Amit Patel

Genie has already captured the attention and admiration of the online community. Users have been showcasing their creations on Twitter using the hashtag #MadeWithGenie. Some have even taken their models into other software like Blender or Unity for further customization and animation.

“Pretty compelling Text-to-3D. Prompt was ‘modern purple sofa’. Generated in 14 secs (with 3 others) and the GLB imports into Blender in another 5 seconds.”

– Andrew Price

“I’m blown away by the new @LumaLabsAI tool. ‘Genie’ created these crocos for me in just 20 seconds??”

– Bruno Pontillo

Despite being in its early stages of development, Genie may still produce imperfect results. However, Luma AI is dedicated to refining the tool with more data, features, and feedback. Additionally, the company plans to release more tools utilizing their 3D AI technology in the future. To experience Genie firsthand, interested individuals can join Luma AI’s Discord server and follow the provided instructions. For more information about Luma AI’s vision and technology, visit their website or check out their Medium blog.

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