Mattel Launches New Version of Classic Board Game Pictionary

Mattel announced today that it is launching a new version of the classic board game Pictionary. This exciting update allows players to test their drawing skills against an AI opponent to see if it can guess their answers. The new version, called Pictionary Vs AI, utilizes the Google Quick Draw neural network as the AI’s opponent. It is available for pre-order now and will be released in October.

Pictionary Vs AI: A Whole New Experience

In this version of Pictionary, players begin by scanning a QR code with their phones to activate the AI’s “eyes.” They then proceed to create their drawing, which they will present to the AI for guesswork. Additionally, players have the opportunity to earn points by betting on whether or not the AI will accurately guess their drawings. To add to the excitement, there are special challenges available, such as drawing with eyes closed or without using hands, which allow players to earn even more points.

Excitement from Mattel Executives

“Mattel is excited to introduce Pictionary Vs AI, bringing technological advancement to create new and exciting challenges to fans who love the classic game. At Mattel, we create innovative products and experiences that inspire, entertain, and develop children through play. There are many play patterns to explore around new tech to enhance engagement with physical toys.” – Sven Gerjets, Mattel’s EVP and CTO

Mattel ensures that the game is safe and appropriate for children. It has been certified by the ESRB and follows the guidelines set by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

The game was unveiled at the Code Conference’s AI studio, where Ray Adler, Mattel’s global head of games, expressed his enthusiasm for the latest addition to the Mattel portfolio:

“Games from across the Mattel portfolio have been bringing families together for more than 50 years – and we’re proud that the decades-long adoration that fans have for our products is matched by the innovation constantly available in our lineup of games. Pictionary Vs AI continues to build upon our impressive portfolio by offering a new, modern way that fans can engage with the brand, combined with the hilarious quickdraw gameplay they’ve always loved.” – Ray Adler, Mattel’s global head of games

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