New AI Assistant “Joule” Introduced by SAP to Empower Enterprises

German enterprise giant SAP is making its mark in the world of AI assistants with the unveiling of “Joule,” a powerful assistant designed to enhance the capabilities of humans and businesses. During a livestreamed press briefing, Julia White, SAP’s chief marketing and solutions officer, announced Joule’s integration into the company’s extensive cloud enterprise suite.

Joule will be accessible across SAP apps and programs, similar to Microsoft’s Windows Copilot which is available throughout the Windows 11 operating system. The AI assistant will also be compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms, providing seamless user experience.

“Our approach is to utilize the best and latest technology available and bring that into our SAP applications, which power customers’ most critical business processes. With Joule, we will combine third-party LLMs from trusted partners, including IBM, enhanced with an infusion of real-time customer data. Joule will leverage the best LLM for a given scenario.” – Bharat Sandhu, SVP AI & Application Development Platform at SAP

Joule’s capabilities go beyond answering questions and providing solutions. It can respond in multiple languages and leverage data from SAP’s services and third-party sources to offer actionable insights. For example, in the manufacturing sector, Joule can help identify sales issues and suggest solutions related to the supply chain.

Integration is a key feature of Joule, allowing it to seamlessly work with various SAP applications in sectors such as finance, customer experience, and procurement. Additionally, Joule maintains context by analyzing data from different sources to deliver relevant and reliable responses.

SAP understands the importance of trust and privacy in enterprise AI. During the press briefing, the company highlighted its “AI Foundation,” which ensures the reliability and ethical use of Joule. The AI assistant is carefully monitored to prevent harmful, biased, or inappropriate responses.

Joule will initially be available through SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Start, with plans to expand its availability to other SAP cloud solutions, including SAP S/4HANA Cloud. SAP’s partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft, Google Cloud, and IBM further enhance its AI capabilities and ecosystem.

The company is also investing in AI-focused startups, demonstrating its commitment to the growth and development of the enterprise AI industry.

“With the backing of Sapphire Ventures, SAP aims to fund AI-focused startups, signifying their commitment to building an expansive enterprise AI ecosystem.” – Unknown

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