Nextbase iQ: Revolutionizing Driver Safety with AI-Powered Dash Cam

Nextbase is taking driver safety to the next level with its groundbreaking AI-powered dash cam, the Nextbase iQ. Priced at under $500, this state-of-the-art device is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables drivers to anticipate, prevent, and defend against incidents on the road.

The Nextbase iQ incorporates both edge-based AI features and 4G Internet of Things connectivity, making it a powerful tool for enhancing driver safety. With its advanced capabilities, this smart dash cam sets a new benchmark for the industry.

Smart Features for Enhanced Safety and Security

The Nextbase iQ offers an array of world-first features that combine the safety and security of smart home systems with the convenience of in-vehicle connectivity. One of its key features is Smart Sense Parking, which utilizes proximity sensing spatial awareness and G-force sensors to scan the surrounding area. This dual-technology feature provides real-time notifications to the user’s smartphone, complete with imagery and video, to warn of potential dangers.

Another remarkable feature is Witness Mode, which allows drivers to activate a mode that instantly saves a 30-minute block of video footage to the cloud. It also sends a real-time notification to an emergency contact, ensuring that drivers have valuable evidence and never have to face stressful situations alone.

In the event of a serious accident, the Nextbase iQ has an emergency SOS function. It automatically alerts emergency services with the precise location and critical details, potentially saving lives. Additionally, users can remotely monitor their vehicle and its surroundings at any time through the iQ app, which offers live streaming, audible alarms, and two-way talk functionality.

“The Nextbase iQ creates a whole new category by extending high-end smart home-style connectivity into the car and making advanced connected-car technology available to everyone, regardless of their vehicle’s age, type, or value.” – Richard Browning, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Nextbase

Continuously Evolving and Adapting to Drivers’ Needs

The Nextbase iQ is designed to be an “evergreen product” that continuously evolves through firmware updates and the addition of new features. This means that regardless of the purchase date, users can expect their dash cam to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology.

Nextbase has already planned several features for release shortly after the iQ’s launch, including Guardian Mode, Push to Talk, Roadwatch AI, Encrypted Incident Reports, Driver Aware (AI-powered DMS), and Vehicle Aware (AI-powered ADAS). These upcoming features will further enhance the functionality and safety of the Nextbase iQ.

Models and Pricing

The Nextbase iQ is offered in three models to accommodate various budgets and vehicle types. The 1K @ 1080p resolution model is available at $500, providing exceptional video quality. For those seeking even higher resolution, the 2K @ 1440p resolution model is priced at $600. The most advanced option is the 4K @ 4K resolution model, which sells for $700. Customers can also opt for the optional rear camera at an additional cost of $200.

With its innovative features, affordable pricing, and commitment to continuous improvement, the Nextbase iQ is redefining driver safety. It’s now available at Best Buy stores across the United States and Canada, as well as online at,, and

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