Ramp Announces Integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot to Simplify Work for Customers

Ramp, the high-flying corporate credit card and expense management software startup, has unveiled its new integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot at Microsoft’s annual Ignite 2023 event. This integration marks Ramp as the “first financial software partner for Copilot.” The integration will be available within Microsoft Teams, offering a bot labeled “Ramp” powered by AI.

“It brings your expense workflows, conversations related to finance, directly into Teams,” says Ramp co-founder and CEO Eric Glyman. The integration allows users, especially those working in expense or accounting departments, to ask the Ramp bot questions about expenses, budgets, policies, and related matters. For example, users can easily notify all Ramp users who haven’t turned in receipts or expenses at the end of the month. “With a prompt, they can do that through Microsoft Teams,” Glyman explains.

Ramp believes that this integration will save time for its customers by reducing the workload on expense and accounting departments. Employees can find expense-related information and have their questions answered immediately through the Ramp bot, avoiding the need to email a real person and wait for a response amidst their other work.

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