Scaling AI and Streamlining Compliance and Security Tasks with Vanta AI Suite

As compliance and security teams face the burden of repetitive tasks, Vanta is launching its Vanta AI suite to address these challenges. The suite leverages AI and large language models (LLMs) to automate security and compliance tasks, freeing up valuable time for teams. With features like AI-powered vendor security reviews, generative questionnaire responses, questionnaire automation, intelligent control mapping, and compliance framework suggestions, Vanta AI provides the automation tools needed by compliance and security teams.

“AI and LLMs are proving effective in eliminating the drudgery and manual tasks that security and compliance teams are dealing with today,” CISOs and CIOs tell Venturebeat.

“Compliance and security teams process and manage a large volume of documents and text to execute their programs. With Vanta AI, we’re able to further automate these functions, saving teams large chunks of time and enabling them to focus on higher-value initiatives.” – Jeremy Epling, CPO of Vanta

Vanta AI utilizes advanced AI and LLMs to accelerate critical security workflows, including vendor security reviews, security questionnaire automation, and control strengthening. For example, Vendor Security Reviews, a key feature integrated into Vanta’s Vendor Risk Management application, leverages AI to quickly extract relevant information from vendor documents. This automates the vendor security review process and helps security teams assess third-party risks while maintaining high compliance standards.

Vanta AI’s Security Questionnaire Automation simplifies the process of extracting insights from various sources, including libraries, previous questionnaire responses, and uploaded documents. It eliminates the manual effort involved in completing lengthy and duplicative questionnaires, reducing human error and saving time for security teams.

“Security questionnaires are critical to good security hygiene but are often long, highly duplicative [and] prone to human error and falling out-of-date. Using AI, Vanta now enables security teams to instantly extract insights from a variety of sources, including their existing library, previous questionnaire responses and policies and documents uploaded to Vanta — in just a few clicks.” – Jeremy Epling, CPO of Vanta

In addition, Vanta AI can suggest the best tests and policies for each compliance framework, automating a process that was previously done manually. This saves time and ensures compliance with industry regulations. Vanta AI also has plans to generate control summaries and further automate the maintenance of controls, enhancing efficiency for security teams.

Vanta’s AI strategy includes utilizing LLMs for policy generation, refining policies through natural language interfaces, and expediting personalized remediation of security issues. The company aims to continue investing in automating questionnaires and vendor security review analysis.

Vanta has been at the forefront of automated compliance since 2018 and has earned recognition for helping companies achieve certifications and pass audits efficiently. Its trust management platform has become renowned for its ability to automate tasks and streamline workflows, resulting in significant time savings for security teams.

“Finding new ways to use automation and reduce time and workload pressures on compliance and security teams is a part of Vanta’s DNA. The company began pursuing automated compliance in 2018, and their release of the Vanta AI suite is a logical progression of their vision and product strategy.” (VentureBeat).

Vanta’s track record includes assisting over 6,000 global customers in automating audits and compliance workflows for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA, enabling them to achieve certifications and audits quickly. By automating manual reports and questionnaires, Vanta has visibly improved team productivity, as these tasks no longer consume excessive time and effort.

Vanta’s approach to integrating AI and LLMs into their applications is driven by addressing the needs of compliance and security teams. Their understanding of the challenges faced by security teams in completing manual security reviews has led them to develop empathetic and innovative solutions.

“Vanta’s latest AI capabilities demonstrate that the company is pioneering intelligent automation to transform trust management with a strong focus on respecting customers’ time” (VentureBeat).

Ultimately, Vanta showcases the power of needs-based innovation infused with empathy, particularly in the realm of AI and LLM development for enterprises.

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