Softbank-backed Picsart Launches AI-Powered Content Creation Suite

Softbank-backed Picsart is revolutionizing the field of photo editing with its new suite of AI tools called Ignite. This suite, consisting of over 20 AI-powered tools, aims to ignite creativity and simplify the production of digital content for businesses and individuals. With Ignite, Picsart offers a comprehensive solution for creating, editing, and enhancing various types of content, from social media posts and ads to logos, all with minimal effort.

The Power of Ignite

Ignite adds to Picsart’s existing AI tools and takes them to the next level. It provides users with a wide range of features to jumpstart their creative projects:

  • Clear and Sharpen Images: Enhance the quality of images, making them clearer and sharper.
  • Object Removal: Remove specific objects from images and videos.
  • Background Modification: Change or add backgrounds to images, perfect for product photos or professional headshots.
  • AI Filters: Apply new AI filters to enhance both videos and photos.
  • GIF and Sticker Generation: Generate GIFs and stickers from text prompts.
  • Image Extension: Extend the boundaries of images and create personalized avatars from selfies.
  • QR Codes and On-Brand Texts: Create visually appealing QR codes, logos, and advertisements.
  • Merge Artistic Styles: Combine the artistic style of one image with the subject of another.

“At Picsart, we believe that everyone is a creator. Our editing experience reflects this philosophy by providing users with powerful, yet fun and easy-to-use tools to express their unique visions.” – Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of Picsart.

The Rise of AI in Digital Content

Picsart’s introduction of Ignite aligns with the growing trend of integrating generative AI in the digital content space. Companies are increasingly upgrading their offerings using AI technologies. Picsart initially ventured into AI with the launch of three dedicated tools: AI Writer for generating written content, AI Image Generator for producing creative images, and AI Replace for modifying images using AI-generated elements.

Now, with Ignite, Picsart expands its AI capabilities and provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools. The company’s efforts are well-received, with more than 2 million images being generated daily using their AI tools.

“We developed these features to enable users to turn their ideas into stunning visual content – whether they’re posting ads for their business, memes for their friends, or anything in between.” – Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of Picsart.

Picsart’s Ignite suite caters not only to individual content creators but also to businesses and digital marketers. It offers AI-powered tools to generate visually appealing content, including QR codes, on-brand texts, logos, and advertisements. Comparable to Adobe and Canva, Picsart aims to provide a comprehensive platform that leverages AI to meet digital content needs.

The global content creation market is projected to reach $69.8 billion by 2030, thanks to technological advancements like AI-based tooling. Additionally, the growth of cloud computing and increased smartphone and internet usage contribute to this market expansion according to Grand View Research.

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