SuperDuperDB Simplifies Building and Deploying AI Apps

San Francisco-based SuperDuperDB, an Intel Ignite portfolio company, has released version 0.1 of its open-source framework. The framework allows users to integrate AI – from machine learning (ML) models to their AI application programming interface (API) of choice – and vector search capabilities with existing databases, enabling the building of AI applications directly on top of them.

SuperDuperDB has received $1.75 million in early funding from,, and the venture capital arm of MongoDB. Timo Hagenow, CEO at SuperDuperDB, stated, “MongoDB’s backing is a testament to the attitude and transformative potential of SuperDuperDB. Our vision is to bridge the gap between data storage systems and AI, making it incredibly simple for organizations to build and manage AI applications by enabling a new era of software development in which data and AI form a close-knit symbiosis.”

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