The Advancements of AI in IT Operations with Atera’s AI-powered Platform

The concept of AIOps, using AI to optimize IT operations, has been around for some time. However, with the development of generative AI, IT management platform vendor Atera is taking AI-powered automation in IT operations to the next level. Atera’s new AI-powered IT (AIT) platform, which integrates with the Azure OpenAI service, introduces capabilities such as Autopilot, Copilot, and Toolbox functionality.

Enhancing IT Issue Resolution

Autopilot is designed to automatically fix IT issues using AI before they escalate to a human. It leverages generative AI to identify the root cause of problems, such as slow internet connection, by running a series of checks on network interface cards and system resources. The Atera system can either resolve the issue with a single click or escalate it to a human operator with full knowledge of the automated system’s attempts. Copilot, on the other hand, provides AI-powered generated actions and answers to assist IT teams in resolving issues efficiently.

“We went all in with AI and we’ve changed the product. In a sense, we’ve changed the way IT is done through AI.”

– Gil Pekelman, CEO of Atera

Increased Efficiency and Time Savings

The Atera AIT platform aims to significantly improve efficiency in IT operations. Atera CEO, Gil Pekelman, estimates that the platform can increase an IT professional’s ability to close more trouble tickets from 7 to 70 per day, and reduce resolution times from hours to minutes. This 10x efficiency boost is made possible through the combination of generative AI capabilities and AI-powered automation.

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