The Future of AI Art: Visual Electric Offers a Fresh Approach

If you’ve explored the world of text-to-image AI art generation services, you may have noticed that most of them have a similar chat interface. Visual Electric, a San Francisco-based startup, aims to change that. The company believes that a different approach, one that is better adapted to visual creativity, is needed for AI art. Unlike other platforms, Visual Electric allows users to generate and manipulate their imagery on an infinite virtual “canvas.”

The Importance of User Interface in AI Art

Visual Electric’s founders, including CEO Colin Dunn, understand the importance of user interface in the creative process. They believe that image generation AI models are becoming commoditized and that the user experience will be the key differentiating factor for companies. With a focus on optimizing the workflow for graphic designers and concept artists, Visual Electric aims to offer a superior product that empowers users and enhances their creativity.

Revolutionary Features of Visual Electric

Visual Electric sets itself apart from other AI art generators by offering unique features that cater to the nonlinear nature of the creative process. The platform allows users to generate images and freely move them around the canvas, enabling easy comparison and exploration of different ideas. Unlike chat-based interfaces, Visual Electric’s interface offers a more fluid and intuitive experience.

In addition to the innovative canvas functionality, Visual Electric provides a range of tools for modifying the prompt and style of the generated images. Users can choose from pre-set styles inspired by traditional art forms or input their own custom prompt. The platform also offers options for specifying image aspect ratio, dominant colors, and elements to be excluded from the generated image. Users can refine and enhance their generated images using the “remix” and “touch up” features, preserving the overall style and adding their personal touch.

“Creativity is a nonlinear process… Chat forces you into this very linear flow where it’s sort of like you have a starting point and an ending point. And that’s just not really how creativity works.” – Colin Dunn, Founder and CEO of Visual Electric

The Power of Collaborative Inspiration

Visual Electric differentiates itself further by integrating social and collaborative elements into the platform. Users can access an “Inspiration” feed consisting of AI-generated images created by other users. This feed serves as a source of inspiration and allows users to remix and import images to their own canvas. By bridging the gap between generative AI and the creative community, Visual Electric creates a unified ecosystem for artists and designers.

Privacy and Pricing

Visual Electric values privacy and offers different pricing plans to suit individual needs. The company ensures the privacy and security of privately stored images for users on the Pro plan. The pricing structure includes a free plan for personal use, a standard plan for community sharing and commercial usage, and a pro plan that offers higher resolution images and privatized generations.

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