The Power of Generative AI in Hidden Door’s Narrative Game

Hidden Door has recently unveiled an exciting new game that combines generative AI and human creativity to revolutionize the way narratives are created and experienced in gaming.

Creating Endless Stories

The development team at Hidden Door is taking a unique approach to game narrative by creating a library of tools that utilize generative AI. Instead of crafting a singular narrative, this innovative system allows for the creation of an infinite variety of stories. Players can come back over and over again and have a completely new and personalized experience each time they play.

CEO Hilary Mason explains, “We are giving people the tools for creation and making sure that AI is doing what AI is good at.”

An AI Game Master

In this game, generative AI serves as a game master, reacting to the choices made by players and guiding them through the story. Players embark on unique adventures in the Land of Oz, led by an AI narrator that adapts to their choices to create a personalized experience every time.

Hidden Door’s AI engine adapts to player choices, ensuring that each story remains true to the fictional world it is set in. Whether players choose to join forces with the Wicked Witch of the West, go on quests across the Land of Oz, or simply play with Toto in Kansas, the possibilities for adventures are endless.

“The people who are really interested in the game are the ones who have read books like The Wizard of Oz and fall in love with them. They can’t stop thinking about it and they want more and more stories in that universe.” – Hilary Mason, CEO of Hidden Door

Evolution of Art Style

With the goal of targeting a broader audience, Hidden Door has updated the art style of the game to appeal to older players. The new art style is inspired by graphic novels and webcomics, adding a unique and mature visual experience to the game.

Art director Daniel Abensour and character illustrator Alessandra Criseo have been working on creating art skeletons that can be dressed up in different ways to convey the emotions and reactions of characters. The result is a visually captivating and immersive game world.

AI-Generated Art

Hidden Door relies on an automated AI system to generate the art required for each new story. By pre-generating a collection of art, the system seamlessly matches the artwork to the text descriptions entered by players. This creates the illusion of a unique game produced on demand, blending AI-driven storytelling with visually captivating illustrations.

“You can type in any text you want to modify the game, and the system will embrace your imagination and try to fulfill what you want to see on the screen, either when it comes to the story or the artwork.” – Hilary Mason, CEO of Hidden Door

Through the use of generative AI, Hidden Door is shaping the future of game narrative, giving players endless possibilities and personalized experiences in the captivating worlds they love.

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