AppsFlyer Introduces AI-Powered Creative Optimization Tool

San Francisco-based marketing company AppsFlyer is revolutionizing marketing campaigns with its newest AI-powered tool, Creative Optimization. By leveraging AI, this tool provides marketers with valuable insights into their creative assets and data-driven guidance to maximize the impact of their campaigns. With the Creative Optimization product, marketing teams can make informed decisions that elevate the performance of their campaigns.

Transforming Marketing Campaigns

This groundbreaking tool from AppsFlyer aims to transform the landscape of marketing campaigns by utilizing AI to enhance the creative process. By identifying patterns, trends, and features that drive optimal audience engagement, Creative Optimization empowers marketers to maximize the impact of their creative content and advertising spend. Yevgeny Peres, executive vice president of product strategy at AppsFlyer, describes the tool as a breakthrough for marketers, bridging the gap between creative and growth marketing teams.

“The new Creative Optimization product presents a real breakthrough for marketers, bridging the gap between creative and growth marketing teams while addressing key pain points to drive success for both.”

– Yevgeny Peres, EVP of Product Strategy at AppsFlyer

Exceptional Results

During the development and testing phases of Creative Optimization, AppsFlyer collaborated with over 100 companies, including fintech company Dave and mobile gaming leader Papaya Gaming. The results have been exceptional, with brands experiencing up to 300% growth in ad spend and witnessing significant improvements in key performance indicators. Ad click-through rates increased by up to 50%, cost-per-install decreased by as much as 30%, and there was up to a 100% uplift in customer retention and revenue metrics.

  • Up to 300% growth in ad spend
  • Up to 50% increase in ad click-through rates
  • Up to 30% decrease in cost-per-install
  • Up to 100% uplift in customer retention and revenue metrics

Christian Espinoza, senior marketing technology manager at Dave, applauds the impact of Creative Optimization, emphasizing its transformative role in boosting efficiency and providing a deep understanding of top-performing assets. Similarly, Dan Hayoun, performance group manager at Papaya Gaming, highlights how the tool empowers their marketing team to reach larger audiences, enhance efficiency, and collaborate more effectively.

“[Creative Optimization] empowered our marketing team to reach larger audiences, enhance efficiency, and collaborate more effectively.”

– Dan Hayoun, Performance Group Manager at Papaya Gaming

A Holistic Approach

AppsFlyer’s Creative Optimization product combines AI-driven insights with comprehensive analytics, offering marketers a multifaceted approach to optimize ad spend and creative strategies. With granular performance data and seamless integration with business intelligence systems, Creative Optimization aims to redefine the way marketers strategize and execute their campaigns.

In the future, Creative Optimization will expand its support beyond mobile and include connected TV, PC and consoles, and eventually web. AppsFlyer, with its $300 million in funding and over 1,500 employees, is committed to providing marketers with the tools and insights needed to drive growth and deliver impactful experiences.

“The introduction of Creative Optimization into our suite of products is a natural step for us as we continue providing marketing teams of every shape and size with the holistic measurement tools and insights that empower businesses to make better decisions and deliver experiences that are revenue drivers for their organizations.”

– AppsFlyer

Preserving Jobs and Improving Collaboration

While some may question whether Creative Optimization will eliminate jobs, AppsFlyer believes it will have a positive impact. By automating tedious tasks and providing unified, data-driven insights, creative teams can focus on generating new ideas and producing original content and concepts. Internal collaboration is strengthened, and marketers can see improvements across key performance indicators, resulting in a growth in ad spend, ROI, and overall success.

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