OpenAI Releases ChatGPT App for Apple Vision Pro

OpenAI, the renowned research organization, has recently introduced a groundbreaking ChatGPT app designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro, the innovative augmented reality headset unveiled by Apple in the previous month.

This new ChatGPT app empowers users to engage in conversational interactions with OpenAI’s state-of-the-art GPT-4 Turbo model, which stands as the most advanced iteration of their natural language processing system to date.

With the ChatGPT app for Vision Pro, users can effortlessly pose inquiries, gain insightful responses, obtain advice, acquire knowledge on diverse subjects, and even generate images and text directly within the application.

Shaping the Future of Human-AI Interaction

Embarking on a significant milestone, the release of ChatGPT for Vision Pro underscores OpenAI’s mission to develop artificial intelligence that serves the betterment of humanity. It provides a glimpse into the future of human-AI interaction, which promises to be increasingly natural, intuitive, and immersive.

A noteworthy distinction of this new app is the evolution of input methods. In the near future, instead of relying on traditional text-based chat interfaces, users will be able to communicate with AI assistants by dictating their needs or even feeding real-world images to the app. For example, envision the ability to make a recipe by placing ingredients on a table, capturing an image of them, and asking the AI assistant for guidance.

The introduction of ChatGPT as one of the initial 600 apps developed for visionOS, the operating system powering Apple Vision Pro, opens up possibilities for seamless and immersive digital experiences in the real world. Leveraging the capabilities of Vision Pro, including Optic ID for biometric authentication with eye tracking and iris recognition, Spatial Audio for lifelike directional audio effects, and VisionKit for comprehensive perceptual capabilities, visionOS facilitates a new era of AI integration.

While it remains unclear whether the ChatGPT app for visionOS will utilize these advanced features to their full extent, it effectively represents the market’s growing interest in multimodal AI. This form of artificial intelligence can process and comprehend inputs from various modes, such as text, speech, images, and videos, making it highly versatile and adaptable across diverse scenarios.

Past versions of ChatGPT have already demonstrated capabilities to converse using text, images, and voice. With the integration of Vision Pro, users will benefit from effortlessly sharing images with ChatGPT, enabling complex problem-solving endeavors such as troubleshooting car engine issues, analyzing refrigerator contents for meal planning, or effortlessly tackling math problems through visual inspection alone.

Moreover, ChatGPT users will continue to possess the ability to generate content, simply by describing their desired output to ChatGPT. This opens doors for novel creations like logos, comic strips, and photorealistic scenes, all initiated through simple dictation or visual exploration with the Vision Pro headset.

ChatGPT, available as a free download for visionOS users, also incorporates ChatGPT Plus, an optional subscription that grants access to the enhanced features of GPT-4 and delivers faster response times. Interested users can retrieve the app from the visionOS App Store, where they can explore an extensive collection of purpose-built applications, spanning creative writing, marathon training, math tutoring, and numerous other domains.

VentureBeat has reached out to OpenAI for further insights on the development of the ChatGPT app for Vision Pro. Any additional information received will be promptly included in an article update.

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