Amazon Releases New AI Feature for Marketplace

Despite the potential antitrust charges it may be facing, Amazon is forging ahead with the release of new features for its online marketplace. In a blog post by CEO Andy Jassy, the tech giant unveiled a new generative AI feature aimed at helping vendors enhance their product advertisements on Amazon’s platform.

New AI-Generated Backgrounds

The new feature allows vendors to upload photos of their products to Amazon’s Ad Console service and then add AI-generated backgrounds. According to Amazon, this feature can significantly improve click-through rates for ads, with rates being 40% higher for ads with lifestyle context backgrounds compared to ads with standard product images.

In a promotional video demonstrating the new feature, users are seen using Ad Console to create advertisements for their products on Amazon. By entering product serial numbers, users can add their products to a list and customize the background images by entering descriptive text prompts.

This functionality is similar to other text-to-image generators like OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and Midjourney. Users input descriptive text, and the AI generates an image based on the descriptions.

The AI product image generator also includes a feature called “themes.” Users can select themes like “Pumpkin spice” to add props and objects that fit into different thematic categories, enhancing the overall image.

  • Amazon’s Goal: Amazon built this new AI product image generator to enable businesses without in-house capabilities or agency support to easily create brand-themed imagery.

A Growing Trend

This new feature from Amazon comes in the wake of a similar release by Meta Platforms for its advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. Both companies recognize the value of providing AI-powered tools to enhance advertising and marketing efforts.

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