NatureEye: Revolutionizing Virtual Travel with Immersive Drone Flights

NatureEye, a Menlo Park, California-based company, is set to launch immersive drone flights to tourist destinations around the world, providing an unparalleled exploration of nature from the comfort of home. With recent advances in drone and communications technologies, NatureEye aims to revolutionize the virtual travel industry and bring incredible experiences to people of all ages.

Unleashing the Power of Immersive Drone Flights

NatureEye offers users a unique opportunity to pilot their own 30-minute drone flights at conservation locations worldwide. The platform allows participants to control their avatars, navigate to points of interest, and capture high-resolution photos in real-time or near real-time. By remotely flying drones in iconic locations, such as Elephant Sands in Botswana or a volcano in Iceland, users can control the movement of the DJI Mavic 3 drone, explore breathtaking landscapes, and learn about new places.

“This is truly a game-changer in the travel and entertainment industry,”

– Matthew Rabinowitz, Chairman of NatureEye

NatureEye aims to make virtual travel accessible to a wide range of individuals, including parents looking for educational experiences for their children, couples seeking unique date night activities, and people with limited mobility eager to access remote destinations. The platform breaks travel barriers and allows anyone to explore the world’s most stunning locations.

Educational and Conservation Value

Guided tours with expert guides are available, providing participants with captivating stories and insights about each location’s history, culture, and significance. Through live audio commentary, users gain a deeper understanding of the world around them, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for our planet’s treasures.

Beyond offering extraordinary travel experiences, NatureEye is committed to making a positive impact on conservation efforts. Up to 50% of the revenue generated from each flight is shared with local sites, supporting ongoing conservation initiatives and the preservation of natural habitats and wildlife for future generations. Additionally, NatureEye’s partners benefit from reaching a global audience and gaining access to drone technology for anti-poaching and other conservation initiatives.

“We are thrilled to partner with NatureEye and be at the forefront of virtual travel showcasing the cultural and natural wonders of Peru to an international audience. Our shared vision of uplifting local communities by making conservation profitable will help preserve these unique places.”

– José Koechlin, CEO of Inkaterra

Expanding Horizons with NatureEye

NatureEye initially offers flights in Peru, Iceland, Botswana, Kenya, Cambodia, and the United States, with plans to expand to additional locations in the future. Customers can schedule their own unforgettable drone flights by visiting and embark on a virtual journey to some of the world’s most extraordinary destinations. The cost of a 30-minute guided flight is approximately $95, with options for flights without guides at a lower price.

NatureEye is just scratching the surface of the potential for immersive drone flights. The company envisions thousands of locations that could become popular destinations for drone tours. As drone technology continues to advance, costs could decrease, flight durations could increase, and more locations could be added to NatureEye’s roster. The possibilities are endless.

“We want to get things well-oiled and iron out glitches, as with any new technology,”

– Matthew Rabinowitz, Chairman of NatureEye

Virtual travel with NatureEye offers a glimpse into the metaverse, transporting users to real-world places and providing an interactive and engaging experience unlike watching a documentary. It not only facilitates exploration and education but also serves as a powerful motivation to visit these extraordinary places in person before they potentially disappear. NatureEye’s mission is about enhancing engagement with the real world by leveraging the tools of the metaverse without becoming completely detached from reality.

Experience the wonders of nature, support conservation efforts, and embark on a virtual journey like no other with NatureEye’s immersive drone flights. The world is waiting to be explored.

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