Synopsys Expands Processor IP Portfolio with RISC-V ARC-V Family

Synopsys, a leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) solutions, has announced its plans to expand its processor intellectual property (IP) portfolio with the introduction of the new RISC-V ARC-V family. This move signifies the company’s commitment to offering versatile and extensible processors for chip applications in various markets, including the embedded automotive, storage, and internet of things (IoT) sectors.

Next-Generation ARC-V Processor IP

The new ARC-V Processor IP is designed using the RISC-V architecture and leverages Synopsys’ extensive experience in processor IP development and software toolkits. It builds upon the established microarchitecture of Synopsys’ existing ARC Processors and incorporates the expansive RISC-V software ecosystem. This results in a range of processors that are tailored for specific applications, ensuring optimal power-performance efficiency for customers.

The announcement of the ARC-V Processor IP was made at the recent RISC-V North America 2023 event in Santa Clara, California, reaffirming Synopsys’ position as a key player in the industry. The processor IP comes in high-performance, mid-range, ultra-low power, and functional safety versions, accommodating a wide spectrum of application workloads.

Enhanced Software Development Environment

Synopsys has equipped the ARC-V Processor IP with the robust and proven Synopsys MetaWare Development Toolkit, which facilitates software development and ensures the generation of highly efficient code. The company’s full-stack AI-driven EDA suite,, is co-optimized with the ARC-V Processor IP, creating a comprehensive development and verification environment for systems-on-chip (SoCs) based on ARC-V. This integration enhances productivity and quality-of-results.

“The increasing numbers of chips in automotive systems demand resilience in the semiconductor ecosystem, and to that end the industry is pushing for the adoption of open standards like RISC-V… By developing safety-certified RISC-V based processor IP, Synopsys is supporting us to expand the architecture choices with an open standard to build high-performance automotive systems with the highest levels of functional safety, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them in our future products.”

Thomas Boehm, Senior Vice President for Automotive Microcontrollers at Infineon

This move towards open standards aligns with the growing demand for resilience within the semiconductor ecosystem, particularly in the automotive industry. Leading industry players, like Infineon, recognize the need for open standards and are excited about the adoption of safety-certified RISC-V-based processor IP by Synopsys.

“The global adoption of the open-standard RISC-V ISA is defining the future of semiconductor design, and it’s through the commitment and advancements from technology innovators like Synopsys that RISC-V continues to accelerate the future of computing.”

Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International

Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International, acknowledges the contribution of Synopsys to the RISC-V ecosystem and emphasizes how the ARC-V Processor IP, together with Synopsys’ co-optimized EDA and verification solutions, provides greater flexibility and choice for chip design across industries.

With a history of delivering power-efficient and scalable ARC Processors, Synopsys has the expertise to support the RISC-V ISA with ultra-configurable, extensible processors. This allows developers to differentiate their SoCs and optimize the power, performance, and area balance. The company offers a range of tools and technologies, including the suite, Fusion QuickStart Implementation Kits, and verification solutions, to expedite the design and verification processes for SoCs using their RISC-V ARC-V Processor IP.

To further demonstrate their commitment to shaping the future of computing architecture standards and promoting the industry adoption of the RISC-V ISA, Synopsys has joined the RISC-V International board of directors and technical steering committee. This strategic move solidifies their position as a key player in driving innovation and advancing the RISC-V ecosystem.

The Synopsys ARC-V Processor IP portfolio is expected to be generally available in 2024, with specific versions scheduled for release throughout the year.

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