LG CEO William Cho emphasizes “affectionate intelligence” and responsible AI

LG CEO William Cho emphasizes “affectionate intelligence” and responsible AI

LG CEO William Cho kicked off the CES 2024 event with a keynote speech centered around the concept of “affectionate intelligence.” According to Cho, LG is committed to designing and utilizing AI technology in a way that prioritizes the needs and well-being of people. This approach, which the company refers to as “responsible AI,” involves integrating AI with user data and environment to create enhanced experiences with LG products.

Cho stressed the importance of LG’s responsibility in harnessing the power of AI, saying, “We are facing our responsibility. At LG, we focus on affectionate intelligence – an intelligence that is caring and attentive.” He explained that this philosophy will set LG apart from its competitors, as the company strives to create products and services that prioritize user satisfaction and wellbeing.

Affectionate Intelligence for the Home: LG Shield

LG’s commitment to affectionate intelligence is exemplified in its Smart Home AI Agent, known as LG Shield. This innovative technology aims to protect user data at every stage, ensuring that personal information remains secure. LG Executive Kihung Jung emphasized that LG Shield accomplishes this by keeping user data stored on-device within the home itself.

Cho reiterated the company’s promise of responsible intelligence, stating, “You, the customer, should be the one in control. When you are in control, you can enjoy life to the fullest. Life’s good is our promise to create a better life for our customers even in the age of AI.” LG plans to support open APIs and open innovation, allowing users to have greater control and customization over their LG appliances and devices.

Advancements in Entertainment: Alpha 11 AI Processor and LG WebOS

In the realm of entertainment, LG unveiled its Alpha 11 AI processor, now in its seventh generation. This advanced processor offers four times the performance of its predecessor, enabling LG TVs and appliances to provide a more personalized and emotional viewing experience. According to LG, their TVs and appliances will be capable of recognizing individual users, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

LG also celebrated the 10th anniversary of LG WebOS, a platform that offers a wide range of TV channels and on-demand series. In an effort to further enhance the user experience, LG announced plans to make WebOS the most open platform in collaboration with Google. This partnership includes the integration of built-in Chromecast, allowing users to seamlessly cast content from their phones to their LG TVs. Additionally, LG products will be better integrated with Google Home devices, enabling users to control their LG devices directly from the TV interface.

LG’s Vision for the Future: Cars as “Living Spaces on Wheels” and Electric Vehicle Charging Factory

LG envisions cars as more than just a mode of transportation; rather, they see them as “living spaces on wheels.” To demonstrate this concept, LG showcased a car equipped with advanced infotainment systems and telematics features. Users can conveniently monitor and interact with their pets, play games, and create optimal conditions for passengers, such as adjusting volume and screen brightness to facilitate sleep.

Beyond cars, LG is also investing in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. The company announced plans to build its first EV charging factory in Texas, showcasing their commitment to the growth and advancement of the EV industry.

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