Samsung’s AI Investment and Innovations

Samsung put a significant emphasis on democratizing technology during its CES 2024 event, highlighting the transformative power of AI. This theme resonated throughout the press day at the renowned tech trade show in Las Vegas, where AI has become a ubiquitous force reshaping companies and industries.

Investments in AI

Samsung CEO JH Han expressed pride in the company’s decade-long investments in AI, stating that these investments are now manifesting not only in their products but also in their services. He emphasized Samsung’s commitment to the social responsibility that comes with AI technology. One notable investment is the development of Samsung Knox, an advanced security technology protecting hardware and services with state-of-the-art features.

Samsung executive Shin Baik highlighted the company’s unique position to utilize AI throughout their ecosystem, ensuring safeguarding across platforms and experiences with the help of technologies like Knox. The company is also allocating more resources to foster a sustainable future through programs such as Samsung’s SmartThings Energy, including a collaboration with Tesla devices.

AI for All

Samsung ships over 500 million smart devices annually, and the company aims to bring AI and hyperconnectivity to people worldwide. The widespread use of AI has the potential to save valuable time and make our lives more personalized. Samsung seeks to make AI more accessible, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrated into daily routines, enabling simpler and more creative experiences.

Inhee Chung, vice president of the corporate sustainability center at Samsung, discussed the company’s commitment to a circular economy for its devices, advocating for sustainable practices from production to recycling. Samsung also prioritizes accessibility by incorporating features like auto open doors, audio subtitles using AI-enabled text-to-speech, and the Relumino mode for individuals with vision impairments.

In terms of innovations, Samsung showcased an 8K projector with wireless transmission capabilities and demonstrated the evolution of Ballie. Originally a rolling AI assistant character prototype, Ballie now functions as an AI companion, interacting with other Samsung devices, controlling switches, and responding to voice commands from the user.

Samsung even presented a scenario where Ballie could distract a misbehaving dog by playing a projected film or providing food, all remotely controlled by the owner. AI’s influence extends to the kitchen as well, with Samsung developing AI systems capable of generating recipes based on the ingredients available in your refrigerator. Additionally, Samsung revealed ReadyVision, an AI-connected copilot developed by Harman for cars and homes.

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