Takashi Kiryu Outlines Square Enix’s Vision for 2024

Takashi Kiryu, president of Square Enix, recently shared his plans for the new year in a letter to the company’s stakeholders. His letter emphasized the importance of investing in the core business while also expanding into new areas such as films, TV, XR, and AI.

Embracing Extended Reality and Generative AI

Kiryu acknowledged the rapid advancement of extended reality (XR) technologies in 2023 and expressed his belief in the future application of XR to merge the real world with virtual worlds like never before. He also highlighted the significant developments in generative AI, stating that it is not limited to text but has expanded into various domains including images, video, and music.

“I believe that generative AI has the potential not only to reshape what we create, but also to fundamentally change the processes by which we create, including programming.”

– Takashi Kiryu, President of Square Enix

Recognizing the opportunities ahead, Kiryu expressed his commitment to strengthening Square Enix’s digital entertainment business. This includes focusing on content development and publishing capabilities, optimizing resource allocation, and investing in tools like AI to enhance productivity.

Expanding the Reach of Square Enix

Kiryu emphasized Square Enix’s commitment to its existing franchises while also diversifying its earnings sources. He highlighted the importance of comics and arcade businesses in drawing attention to Square Enix’s IP and their role in film and animation adaptations.

“They also play a role in our multifaceted approach to leveraging our IP, including via film and animation adaptations. As such, I see them as capable of contributing to our group’s growth and intend to continue to focus on them.”

– Takashi Kiryu, President of Square Enix

In addition to these established businesses, Square Enix is investing in blockchain entertainment, Web3, AI, and the cloud. Kiryu confirmed that the company will continue to focus resources on these areas to drive further growth.

A Grand Design for the Future

Kiryu concluded his letter by stating that 2024 will mark the starting point for Square Enix’s additional strides forward and further growth. The company is formulating a new corporate strategy, known as the Grand Design, and is committed to executing each initiative fearlessly and with a challenger’s mindset.

“Never fearing change and always maintaining a challenger’s mindset, we will work together as one to drive our businesses forward.”

– Takashi Kiryu, President of Square Enix

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