Cerebras and Core42 Announce Phase Two of Condor Galaxy AI Supercomputers

Cerebras Systems and Core42 have recently initiated the second phase of the construction of Condor Galaxy 2, the world’s largest interconnected AI supercomputers. This project is a partnership between Cerebras, a leading AI technology company, and Core42, a subsidiary of UAE-based technology holding group G42. The goal of this ambitious network is to achieve a compute capacity of 36 exaFLOPs, making it one of the most powerful AI systems globally.

Advancements in Compute Power

The completion of the first phase, Condor Galaxy 1, has laid the foundation for the initiation of CG-2. This second phase aims to achieve four exaFLOPs and incorporate 54 million AI-optimized compute cores, expanding the Condor Galaxy network to a total of eight exaFLOPs and 108 million cores upon completion. This significant advancement underscores the commitment of Cerebras and Core42 to constructing a constellation of AI supercomputers with unprecedented compute power.

Revolutionizing AI Advancements

Cerebras takes a unique approach to its supercomputers by utilizing entire silicon wafers to print its cores. This allows for the integration of millions of cores on a single wafer, resulting in a staggering 54 million cores in a single supercomputer. Talal Alkaissi, chief product and global partnerships officer at Core42, emphasizes the strategic partnership between Cerebras and Core42 in propelling the establishment of the world’s largest and fastest AI supercomputers.

“Core42 handles massive and diverse datasets across healthcare, energy, and climate studies that challenge even the largest existing AI supercomputing systems.”

– Talal Alkaissi, Core42

This partnership provides the necessary resources, including compute power, vast datasets, and AI expertise, to train large-scale AI models. By democratizing AI and facilitating access to leading AI compute, Cerebras and Core42 aim to enable groundbreaking research and innovation across various domains.

Advancements in Research and Applications

An important application of the Condor Galaxy constellation is in cutting-edge research areas such as healthcare, energy, climate change, and AI-based studies. Andrew Feldman, CEO of Cerebras, notes that the collaboration with Core42 has not only increased compute capacity but also enhanced training performance by 50% through software updates.

“The exceptional efficiency and ease of use experienced while working with Cerebras CS-2s mark a substantial leap in the rate of innovation from concept to solution.”

– Andrew Jackson, Core42

The introduction of Med42, a generative AI medical assistant, and Jais 30B, an Arabic language LLM, showcases the pioneering work accomplished on CG-1. Moreover, the Condor Galaxy has played a pivotal role in advancing AI-based climate studies and high-performance computing.

Future Prospects

While the current focus is on CG-1 and CG-2, plans are underway to deploy seven more supercomputers (CG-3 to CG-9) in 2024. This expansion will contribute to a total compute power of 36 exaFLOPs, revolutionizing AI advancements on a global scale. With a constellation involving 576 Cerebras CS-2 systems and over 654,000 AMD CPU cores, the Condor Galaxy is set to transform the field of AI.

“In partnership with Core42, we are changing the worldwide inventory of compute and using our combined expertise to advance AI work in a powerful way, to quickly and efficiently train leading LLMs.”

– Andrew Feldman, Cerebras

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