Hitch Interactive Integrates Generative AI into Web3 Technology with Immutable Miniverse NFTs

Hitch Interactive Integrates Generative AI into Web3 Technology with Immutable Miniverse NFTs

Hitch Interactive, a startup focused on AI, robotics, fintech, and the metaverse, has made a significant announcement. The company has successfully integrated generative AI into Web3 technology through its Immutable Miniverse NFTs. By incorporating large language model (LLM) technology into its blockchain tech, Hitch Interactive is pushing the boundaries of NFT utility and functionality.

Introducing Immutable Miniverse Format (IMF)

Hitch Interactive has introduced the Immutable Miniverse Format (IMF) on its Hitch1999 platform. This groundbreaking format allows users to encode a wide range of information into programmable non-fungible tokens (NFTs). One of the most exciting features of IMF is the ability to embed data that guides LLMs in engaging in intelligent conversations with humans.

“AI technologies are rapidly evolving, and we’re seeing extraordinary breakthroughs thanks to modern GPT models. However, most GPT products have been centralized,” said Allen Yang, Hitch Interactive co-founder. “AI in Immutable Miniverse (AIIM) is the counter-balance to such centralized public AI services and offers a perfect union between modern LLM technologies and the future of private and decentralized Web3 applications.”

The Advantages of AI in Immutable Miniverse (AIIM)

Hitch Interactive’s AIIM service offers distinct advantages compared to existing GPT services. Firstly, embedded information within the NFTs is immutable and decentralized, allowing for individualized interactions. This fosters a personalized user experience while preserving privacy. Conversations within the embedded information bypass referencing public GPT services, ensuring user confidentiality.

In addition, Hitch Interactive has plans to extend the capabilities of its Hitch Mint product. This will enable users to embed personalized information into NFTs beyond the initial Yummy Hamo collection. Users will also have the option to deploy a compact LLM service on their local computers, ensuring decentralized and private AI conversations.

“Yummy Hamo NFT owners will be able to use the Hitch1999 site to open up many future applications and preserve the rich knowledge of human users, while their privacy is absolutely preserved,” said Crystal Tang, CEO of Hitch Interactive.

Exploring Hitch Interactive’s Offerings

To explore the possibilities of decentralized AI on Web3, visit the Hitch1999 platform and experience LLMs embedded in the IMF standard. For a comprehensive view of Hitch Interactive’s offerings, be sure to explore the company’s portfolio.

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