Introduces Video Generator Tool for Game Developers, a company that has been integrating AI into game development tools for three years, has recently unveiled its beta test of the Video Generator tool. This tool aims to revolutionize the way game developers create gameplay videos by using generative AI technology.

According to Tom Pigott, the CEO of, the Video Generator empowers game developers to bring their game concepts to life visually in mere seconds. By taking text prompts, the tool transforms them into engaging gameplay videos, providing developers with a realistic glimpse of their games in action.

“At Ludo, we understand the increasing costs associated with game development, especially for indie developers. With our Video Generator, we’re simplifying the ideation and creation process, enabling developers to portray their ideas visually, offering a realistic glimpse of their games in action.” – Tom Pigott, CEO of

Pigott and his team have been working on AI game tools for a while, and they believe generative AI has emerged as a game-changing technology in the past year. The Video Generator serves as a dynamic tool that allows creators to vividly visualize their gaming visions. It facilitates the production of video content from simple text prompts, offering invaluable insights into game scenes, narratives, and dynamics within minutes.

Pigott emphasizes that the Video Generator not only enhances productivity but also drives creativity. By accelerating the visualization process, it minimizes the risk of lost development hours and expedites experimentation and prototyping. Currently, the tool produces three-second videos, but Pigott envisions a future where AI-generated videos become even more prevalent.

Not only does provide the Video Generator, but they also have a suite of other tools for ideation, image generation, and now video generation. The latest tool is capable of generating video images of gameplay for a game that hasn’t even been created yet. This allows executives to have a better understanding of what a game will look and play like in its advanced stages, making it easier to greenlight a game project.

“It allows for a lot of flexibility and speed. I think 2024 will certainly be a year in which AI-generated video is just going to be everywhere.” – Tom Pigott, CEO of recognizes that AI-generated content analysis can revolutionize the development process. Through the Video Generator, developers can use pre-created video footage and process it, enabling experimentation with new features and elements.

Pigott is confident in the company’s focus on game developers, providing a suite of AI tools tailored for their needs. He envisions becoming the go-to platform for small and medium-sized studios looking for AI-powered tools.

Despite the company’s success, Pigott reveals that has been slow to seek funding from external sources. However, with over 30,000 users and a newly monetized platform, the company aims to remain the comprehensive AI-powered platform for game developers.

Looking ahead, Pigott believes that the next frontier for AI in game development will be 3D asset generation, starting with user-generated content and eventually expanding to professional ranks. However, he acknowledges the challenges posed by the complex physics required for realistic 3D asset generation.

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